1. California divorce is not easy!: As you look around online, you will see plenty of people telling you how easy California divorce is.  Take note that all of those people want your money first. That’s why they tell you the CA divorce process is easy. After they’ve got your money, the process suddenly becomes difficult – because they no longer have to lie to get your money.
  2. NetDivorce wants your money too, but we tell you accurately that the California divorce process is not easy.  
  3. Recent Insider Monkey survey: California has the second most difficult divorce process in the country.
  4. DIY is a Fool’s Errand in CA divorce: Yes, you can definitely download free divorce docs online. Then what do you do?  If you have no kids and no property, there will be about 15 state and county documents to complete correctly and file at the appropriate times. If you have kids or property, there are many more documents. Yes, the state provides guidelines how to complete your own divorce. They have to do that!  But those guidelines are very general. You will have dozens of questions about your specific case that are not answered in the state’s thin help system.
  5. Think about it: The CA divorce process is designed by lawyers to make you screw up so that you have to hire … a lawyer.
  6. If you are determined to DIY: Our experience is that people who have convinced themselves that they can do their own DIY California divorce are definitely going to do that.  There’s very little we can say to convince them otherwise.  So, if DIY is your choice, good luck.  You will almost certainly screw it up. Try at least to get to the default/judgment batch of docs before getting rejected. That will hold down your cost to some extent.
  7. Please understand:  Fixing a screwed up case is expensive. NetDivorce cannot fix your existing screwed up case for $129.

DIY divorce is NOT cheap divorce.  California DIY divorce is false economy.

DFY – Done For You – is the best option for a cheap uncontested divorce in California.