Cheap Divorce = Online Divorce = Uncontested Divorce


2. Don’t Use Online Divorce if You Have One of the Following Situations in Your Case (even if the case is technically uncontested):

  1. A Complex Case: A complex case is one in which there are complex legal factors regarding issues like an ongoing family business, tax problems,  trust problems (means a legal trust, not whether you trust each other), a special needs minor child of the marriage (who perhaps will need lifetime support) or any highly emotional dispute such as those regarding child custody or parenting.
  2. A Very High Value Marital Estate: There is no hard and fast rule on what is a high-value divorce case in California. If your net marital estate is above $5M, you’ve got a high-value case.  A marital estate of that size makes everyone nervous no matter what. If you’re nervous about the value of the assets being divided, you’ve got a high-value case, regardless of the actual value of the marital estate.
  3. Domestic Violence or the Threat of Domestic Violence.

If your California divorce fits one or more of those descriptions, do NOT attempt to get an online divorce in California. Instead, beg, borrow or steal enough money to hire the best California divorce lawyer you can afford. In fact, you should hire a Certified Family Law Specialist for such cases.

1-800-DIVORCE and Online Divorce Lawyer are two good places to begin your search for a local lawyer in California..

If you think that your California divorce might be contested, complex or high value, it is. You need a California Certified Family Law Specialist. If you face a domestic violence situation, you need a lawyer, though probably not necessarily a certified specialist. We realize that is likely to be unwelcome advice, but we assure you that it is good advice. You will not regret following this advice.