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Uncontested Divorce


No Lawyer’s FeesIF you and your spouse remain in agreement on all issues of your uncontested divorce and your spouse does not contest or fight the case.

Fixed Low-Cost Divorce – You know your total cost from the beginning. You cannot pay more than $129.

No Workshops, Clinics, Classes or Books to Read

Convenience and Accuracy of Completing Your Online Divorce Interview From the Comfort of Your Home or Office – Go at your own speed.

No Office Appointments – No filling out a questionnaire in a waiting room.  No waiting for the delivery of your forms. No need to discuss your private business with strangers.

Practical Contextual NetDivorce Help at Every Step

Accurate Preparation of All Mandatory Judicial Council Divorce Forms and Local County Divorce Forms – NetDivorce includes all the divorce papers you need to obtain your uncontested divorce.

Rigorous Standard of Preparation of All Divorce Papers – Every court is different. Many courts are difficult. NetDivorce uses the “harshest” interpretation of every divorce document and never cuts corners or takes chances – you and your uncontested divorce papers will always be well prepared;

Immediate Unlimited Printout of All Divorce Papers on Your Home or Office Printer – There is no waiting for the arrival of divorce papers by snail mail or e-mail AND then waiting again while any minor errors are noticed and corrected.

Unlimited Access to Your Secure NetDivorce Account From Any Internet-connected device

Unlimited Free Alterations to Forms – Subject only to the rules of the court.

Complete Printable No-nonsense Case Instructions at Every Stage – No surprises. You are always well informed and know what will happen next and when.

All California Disclosure Forms (both Preliminary and Final) Are Included – This is a hassle, but it stops your spouse from coming back at you later on. NetDivorce does not fool around!

NetDivorce Always Automatically Keeps You Out of a Court Appearance – Whenever that is possible under the rules of your local court.

Marital Settlement Agreement Included – No extra charge!!

Kids? Property? You Will Already Know Your Cost – You simply cannot pay more for your divorce if you and your spouse remain in agreement on all issues of your uncontested divorce!!

Weekly Monday Morning E-mailed Status Reports – These keep you posted and let you know when it is time to take the next step in your case – if you are ready to do so.

Unlimited Free Customer Support by E-mail, Live Chat and phone Monday-Friday 7 AM to 7 PM.

Dok-Chek – NetDivorce’s proofreading service for all legal documents in your case. This is a major up-sell with many NetDivorce competitors, but with NetDivorce – no extra charge!!


NetDivorce | No Divorce Lawyer

No Lawyers

NetDivorce | No Divorce Appointments

No Appointments or Embarrassing Interviews with Strangers

NetDivorce | No Divorce Workshops

No County Workshops 2 or 3 Months Away


Online Divorce Payment Options

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