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Uncontested Divorce


  • No Lawyer’s FeesIF you and your spouse remain in agreement on all issues of your uncontested divorce and your spouse does not contest or fight the case.
  • Fixed Low Cost Divorce – You know your total cost from the beginning. You cannot pay more than $129.
  • No Workshops, Clinics, Classes or Books to Read
  • Convenience and Accuracy of Completing Your Online Divorce Interview From the Comfort of Your Home or Office – Go at your own speed.
  • No Office Appointments – No filling out a questionnaire in a waiting room.  No waiting for delivery of your forms. No need to discuss your private business with strangers.
  • Practical Contextual NetDivorce Help at Every Step – 28,800 uncontested divorces handled as of the beginning of 2015.
  • Accurate Preparation of All Mandatory Judicial Council Divorce Forms and Local County Divorce Forms – NetDivorce includes all the divorce papers you need to obtain your uncontested divorce.
  • Rigorous Standard of Preparation of All Divorce Papers – Every court is different. Many courts are difficult. NetDivorce uses the “harshest” interpretation of every divorce document and never cuts corners or takes chances – you and your uncontested divorce papers will always be well prepared;
  • Immediate Unlimited Printout of All Divorce Papers on Your Home or Office Printer – There is no waiting for arrival of divorce papers by snail mail or e-mail AND then waiting again while any minor errors are noticed and corrected.
  • Unlimited Access to Your Secure NetDivorce Account From Any Internet-connected device
  • Unlimited Free Alterations to Forms – Subject only to the rules of the court.
  • Complete Printable No-nonsense Case Instructions at Every Stage – No surprises.  You are always well informed and know what will happen next and when.
  • All California Disclosure Forms (both Preliminary and Final) Are Included – This is a hassle, but it stops your spouse coming back at you later on.  NetDivorce does not fool around!
  • NetDivorce Always Automatically Keeps You Out of a Court Appearance – Whenever that is possible under the rules of your local court.
  • Marital Settlement Agreement Included – No extra charge!!
  • Kids? Property? You Will Already Know Your Cost – You simply cannot pay more for your divorce if you and your spouse remain in agreement on all issues of your uncontested divorce!!
  • Weekly Monday Morning E-mailed Status Reports – These keep you posted and let you know when it is time to take the next step in your case – if you are ready to do so.
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support by E-mail, Live Chat and phone Monday-Friday 7 AM to 7 PM.
  • Dok-Chek – NetDivorce’s proofreading service for all legal documents in your case.  This is a major up-sell with many NetDivorce competitors, but with NetDivorce – no extra charge!!
NetDivorce | No Divorce Lawyer

No Lawyers

NetDivorce | No Divorce Appointments

No Appointments or Embarrassing Interviews with Strangers

NetDivorce | No Divorce Workshops

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