Fake Online Divorce Testimonials

Online Divorce Testimonials Fraud

Online divorce testimonials are important to divorce consumers because they tell you what experience you are likely to have with an online divorce website that you are researching. Legitimate testimonials from real online divorce clients are valuable both to the divorce consumer and the online divorce company in question. Fake online divorce testimonials are harmful both to the divorce consumer and to honest online divorce companies like NetDivorce.Fake Online Divorce TestimonialsLegitimate online divorce testimonials are particularly important to the industry-leader on price, NetDivorce.  NetDivorce maintains its flat $129 fee with no ups or extras ever in the face of many new online divorce companies that are now charging $750+ for the exact same same service provided by NetDivorce.In the higher end of the online divorce market, we now have itsovereasy.com at $750, wevorce/legalzoom.com at $949, separate.us at $999 and hellodivorce.com at $99 per month (so who knows, but probably $400-$600 in most cases).  All of these companies are big up-sellers and offer various levels of service at different prices.  Some of those prices are a LOT higher than what I’ve indicated here.  You can check these other companies for yourself, but I have selected their level of pricing that equates to the same level of service NetDivorce provides for $129.That means we prepare all of your state and local county documents, including the all-important Marital Settlement Agreement, but we do not file your case at your local Superior Court for you. That’s easy to do and we provide good instructions on how it’s done. For the prices quoted above, none of the expensive online divorce companies do the court filing for you either. They just make a LOT more money per case.Also, NetDivorce and its pre-Internet company, California Legal Assistance Centers, has been specializing in California divorce since June 1, 1981. These other ultra-expensive online divorce companies are brand new –  a couple of them launched in 2018. Hellodivorce.com is BRAND NEW at the most recent update of this article (May 2019).So you can see NetDivorce’s problem.  The legal industry is one in which many consumers incorrectly think that expensive must be better. On that basis would you pick $129 or $750?  The $750 MUST be better, right?  The $129 company CANNOT be providing the same level and quality of service.  It’s just not possible.Nonsense, it’s absolutely possible.  See how we do it by controlling our costs. But the point here is that many consumers think we must be providing a lesser or lower-quality service, which is not so.

NetDivorce Uses Only Legitimate Testimonials From Real Clients Who Have Completed Their Divorces

Fake Online Divorce TestimonialsTo solve that problem of incorrectly perceived lower-quality, we rely heavily on genuine client testimonials certified by Business Consumer Alliance. That’s why ANY fake online divorce testimonials fraud is serious to NetDivorce. BTW, it’s not the above companies in the high end of the online divorce market that engage in online divorce testimonial fraud.  They don’t need to do that.  They just take your breathe away with their fee levels and constant up-selling of every little item.The companies that engage in fake online divorce testimonials are those closer to NetDivorce in their fees, but the point is that they cheat you away from NetDivorce when we need cases to off-set the incorrect perception that a $750 online divorce must be a lot better than a $129 online divorce, when it is exactly the same. Fake online divorce testimonials take away business from NetDivorce and provide high-paying clients to our competitors.Fake online divorce testimonials also cheat you out of your right to make your own decision about which online divorce website should handle your important legal and economic matters.

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Online divorce con-men like the two from India featured in our video below don’t care about your ability to make your own choices on such an important legal matter as your divorce.  They just want you to hire them – no matter what.  As far as they are concerned, if they can trick you into hiring them, it is good business practice.Don’t trust any online divorce testimonials that are not verified by a well-established independent peer-reviewed third-party testimonial verifier like Business Consumer Alliance, eKomi, Verified Reviews or TrustPilot.No honest online divorce site, like NetDivorce, has to trick you into hiring them.  NetDivorce earns your trust and business through legitimate verified client testimonials. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from instantonlinedivorce.com and getdivorcepapers.com. They are bad news in more ways than just fake online divorce testimonials. 

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