Online Divorce Testimonial Fraud

Many of our online divorce competitors in the California market are not real smart.  So some of their online divorce fraud, like this one, is actually kinda funny – until you realize that YOU are the target.

Client testimonials are valuable to the online divorce consumer. They tell you what type of experience you are likely to have with the online divorce website you are researching.

But they have to be real testimonials or they are worthless but also dangerous.

If they are not real testimonials, then you’re getting cheated out of your ability to make your own informed decision.

Regrettably, at least 2 of our major online divorce competitors in California use a self-owned/controlled client testimonial company to trick you into thinking that they have thousands of real testimonials when they do not.

Think the FBI cares?  Nope.  This is interstate commerce fraud.  So on January 30 2015, NetDivorce filed Complaint ID: I1501301241468482 with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. They promise to forward the complaint to any local law enforcement agency, such as the Orange County Sheriff’s Department or the OC District Attorney – Consumer Protection Department.

Nothing ever happened.  We heard nothing. Both of these online divorce providers still use this client testimonial fraud as of today.

Don’t get cheated. Watch our video and protect yourself.

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