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All Netdivorce’s online divorce reviews (or testimonials) are from real NetDivorce clients.  All of our reviews have been certified by Google, Yelp or Business Consumer Alliance.

All NetDivorce clients who have been kind enough to provide us with an online divorce review have done so only AFTER we have already completed their cases.  

Unlike most of our competitors, we consider it unethical to solicit an online divorce review from a client whose case we are still working on.

Some of our competitors solicit online divorce reviews from their clients literally 10 seconds after they’ve been hired. Accordingly, the value of those online divorce reviews is small because the client doesn’t yet know how the company will perform.  

Also, the client may think that they are being forced to provide a positive online divorce review or their cases may somehow be adversely affected.

NetDivorce only solicits online divorce reviews from clients who already have their signed final divorce judgments in their hands. All divorce consumers who provide NetDivorce an online divorce review have already completed their business with us and know the quality of the complete service.

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