Online Divorce Price Fraud in California

NetDivorce’s fee is a flat $129 for a complete California uncontested divorce online. There are never any ups or extras. You CANNOT pay us more.

No other online divorce provider can compete with our $129 fee!  See why here. So what do they do?

They claim on the top pages of their websites that their fees of $139, $149, $169 and $299 are total fees, but their Terms of Use (where they think you will never look) reveal that those are monthly fees. They cover the first 30 days only. After those 30 days, they will hit your credit card every single month until you cancel.

Since the middle of 2018, MOST of our online divorce service competitors in the California market have been charging monthly fees they claim are for “storage.”  In most California divorces, you will need 3 to 6 months of service.

After the first month, those online divorce services will hit your credit card every month until you cancel. They can get away with this because the 30 days usage period is disclosed in their Terms of Use, where they know you will not look. It is the only place on their websites where that 30-day usage period is disclosed. Everywhere else on their sites, it claims that their stated fee is a “complete” fee.

So you get tricked into thinking that your payment is the whole fee, but it is just an installment.  This is clear online divorce price fraud in California. The online divorce industry is full of fraud and trickery like this. This is just one example.

Think about how fast those online divorce services will work on your case if they are getting paid monthly. Their interests are in your divorce getting screwed up and taking a very long time – so that they get paid again and again.

At our flat fee of $129, NetDivorce’s interests are in getting you through your case as fast as you want to go.

The video below proves rampant online divorce price fraud in California and reveals exactly what to look for in order to protect yourself when hiring an online divorce provider.

Be careful. YOU are the target of this price fraud by our competitors. Watch our video below. It exposes the 30-day online divorce price fraud only. 

Play Video about Online Divorce Price Fraud


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