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Online Divorce Papers


NetDivorce prepares online divorce papers – that means ALL California and local county divorce papers in your uncontested divorce.  That INCLUDES your Marital Settlement Agreement, which is the written agreement between you and your spouse. You don’t absolutely need to have a Marital Settlement Agreement in your case, but it’s a real good idea. NetDivorce service covers all of the issues in your case, including (where applicable):

  • Termination of Marriage
  • Request to Waive Court Filing Fee
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation/Parenting Plan
  • Establishment of Paternity for Minor Children of the Marriage Born Before the Date of Marriage
  • Basic and Additional Child Support (including child care and uninsured health care costs)
  • Children’s Health Insurance and Tax Deductions
  • Spousal Support or Termination of Spousal Support
  • All Mandatory Property/Debt and Financial Disclosures
  • Confirmation of Separate Property/Debt
  • Assignment of Community Property/Debt
  • Restoration of the Wife’s Former Name (at her sole discretion)

NetDivorce guides you step by step through the 6-month California divorce process.  But it’s not just online divorce papers. Rely on highly personalized NetDivorce Help, DokChek, Weekly Updates and Unlimited FREE Client Support to control your own divorce online with NO office appointments, NO embarrassing personal interviews, NO classes, clinics or workshops and NO delivery delays! With NetDivorce, you are never alone – unless you want to be.

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