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NetDivorce vs. Our Competitors

You won’t see anything like this online divorce provider comparison on the websites of any of our competitors. They cannot compare themselves to NetDivorce. We beat them on price, experience, specialization in California divorce, client support and client testimonials.  

Also, NetDivorce doesn’t use price or testimonial fraud to trick you into hiring us.  We don’t need to – because we beat everyone on price, experience, specialization and client support. So that’s a major problem for our competitors.

Our online divorce competitors only compare themselves to $5000 lawyers.  But if you have an uncontested divorce, you don’t need a $5000 lawyer. So why do they compare themselves to something you don’t need? Because that’s the only way they can look cheap.

NetDivorce never compares itself to a $5000 lawyer.  NetDivorce only compares itself to its competitors.

NetDivorce figures that you, the California divorce consumer, already know that online divorce is a wise choice for an uncontested divorce where you and your spouse are not going to be fighting about issues in your case.

Your problem isn’t deciding that you want an online divorce.  Your problem is hiring an online divorce provider without getting screwed.  And that’s what this online divorce comparison is all about.

So below are our comparisons of NetDivorce to our main competitors – the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

So if any of the online divorce providers listed below are of interest to you as a result of your research, click on the video that has their website name and hold on tight.

NetDivorce vs.

NetDivorce vs.

NetDivorce vs.

NetDivorce vs.


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