Mission Statement - NetDivorce, LLC

Peter O'Hanlon, NetDivorce LLC founder and CEO

If you want your California online divorce to be handled by a Big Divorce Corporation, that’s NOT NetDivorce.  That’s hellodivorce.com, legalzoom.com, completecase.com, onlinedivorce.com or mydivorcepapers.com. Those guys are suits in a big building. We haven’t owned suits for 20 years, and we don’t go near big buildings.

Big Divorce Corporation claims to handle divorce in all 3000+ counties of the US – an impossibility. NetDivorce specializes in California divorce only.  

NetDivorce is a small, mature, stable, well-funded, specialist divorce service staffed ONLY by highly experienced divorce experts. We’ve got an IT guy and 2 caseworkers, me (40+ years of experience in California divorce) and Ed West (35+ years in California divorce). Our occasional support staff, when needed, is our wives, both of whom worked full time in the business for many years. NetDivorce is smart and user-friendly divorce for your difficult times.

When you call, email or live chat NetDivorce, you will be answered by me or Ed. No one else sees or touches your case.

Between 7 AM and 7 PM Monday-Friday, the only time we don’t answer the phone is when we are already on it. We return all calls promptly.  At NetDivorce, you will NEVER be placed on hold, transferred to someone else, have to leave a message with someone who knows nothing about your case or be told that your caseworker will call you back in 3 or 4 days (mydivorcepapers.com).

Ed and I will always have access to your case.  We will know almost immediately what is happening in your case.  We are experts in divorce issue recognition and problem-solving.  We will always know how to respond to your questions and to whatever situation arises in your case. We will always be able to provide you not only with your options but also with the insight necessary to enable you to make the best-informed choices. You get NONE of that guidance at a Big Divorce Corporation. They will ONLY prepare your docs.

Ed has prepared over 25,000 Marital Settlement Agreements in the last 35 years and I have been a lawyer for 40 years (since the age of 21). Yes, we know what we are doing.

If you hire a Big Divorce Corporation, you will be nothing but a $300-$950 fee on a quarterly profit report. You will never speak to the business owners, and they will never speak to you.  You won’t know their names or see their profiles, and they sure as heck won’t know your name or your case. At Big Divorce Corporation, you will always deal with unqualified and disinterested low-level staff that turns over every few months.

At NetDivorce, you will NEVER speak to a fast-talker, a call center employee, a suit, an intern, a trainee, a receptionist, a 20-year old, a part-timer, a wannabe lawyer, an idiot or someone in India (getdivorcepapers dot com) or Ukraine (onlinedivorce dot com).

Peter J. O’Hanlon, Ll.B. (Hons), Barrister

Mission Statement by NetDivorce Founder and CEO