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Judah Ray Neiditch


Judah Ray Neiditch hired NetDivorce to handle his simple uncontested divorce in June 2016. There were no problems in his case.  Neiditch never alleged that we failed to perform in any way.

Instead, he wrote a whining bitchy little Yelp review that stated only that he could not understand our written instructions. That was probably an accurate statement, but his problem is that our instructions, according to the Flesch-Kincaid readability tests, are written at 6th grade level.

Judah never called or emailed to ask us about what he claims he couldn’t understand.  He simply attacked us online. It is apparent that NetDivorce is not alone in this regard. You can see from his Yelp profile that all Judah does is write bad reviews about companies.

Judah is a tiny-minded little man and his own worst enemy.  According to the Los Angeles County online case tracking system, he has tried to complete his case (BD641771) twice since he stopped using NetDivorce. On both occasions, his submissions were rejected as “incomplete” and “not valid.” There’s apparently a LOT that Judah doesn’t understand.

In the meantime, NetDivorce has been doing well off Judah. While it started slow, our Judah Discount Program now brings us an average of 5 cases every month – that’s JUST FROM YELP and only about 10-12 people see us on Yelp every month! NetDivorce now expands its Judah Discount Program. So far, it has only been available on Yelp. Now we open it up to the whole Internet.

Here’s the deal – send us an email to [email protected] and write on the subject line, “I am not like Judah” We will send you an invoice at $99 to handle your uncontested California divorce. That’s a further $30 discount on our industry-beating regular fee of $129.

Judah Ray Neiditch – unemployed 40-year old pothead hipster and serial business failure – we remember him fondly. Do read Judah’s story below. It’s kinda funny.


AKA Judah Raymond Neiditch, Judah Ray, J R Evans, J Ray, J Roho


A-Level Pictures

Note For Neiditch and Reps


For anyone considering doing business with Judah Ray Neiditch of A-Level Pictures, this post will be revealing.  It should be a significant component of your due diligence.  If you are of the opinion, as we are, that a person’s character and integrity are consistent across all of his interfaces with other humans, this post should also be decisive in your considerations.

NetDivorce presents here the facts of its own unnecessarily unpleasant interface with Judah Ray Neiditch.  However, when we scraped the surface of the internet, we found many more companies and individuals who have had similar experiences with Neiditch and have been sufficiently aggrieved to write about them. What follows are the demonstrable facts of our own experience with Neiditch plus what others have said about him over the years. You’ll notice remarkable consistency.

 Please read and form your own opinion about the character and integrity of Judah Ray Neiditch and proceed accordingly.


All I can say is 20 years experience with this herb. 10 years with MMJ. I have seen it ALL from the classics due to my family elders, to dirt seeded brick, to the Chronic, to the Pretendinca, to Kush, into the MMJ world and the introduction of OG Kush. I was there when most of the top strains were introduced including Skywalker OG, OG #18, Super Lemon Haze, the Planetary Kushs as well as other Cup winning breeds. I know everyone from the breeders in Amsterdam to the locals in the US who make this thing work. Have been from Canada to the Orient in research of this plant. I have been behind the start up and success of six top cooperatives in Los Angeles and know those responsible for the rest from CA to NJ and all in between. When it comes to Marijuana I know more then most. I tell those involved in this industry about their products and open minds to the future of what is possible. If there are two things I know like my own soul it is marijuana and business around it. Period.

See the source.


judah-ray-neiditch-02Judah Ray Neiditch is a serial business failure and an irrationally rabid self-promoter.  His problem is the internet.  He has pumped and hyped each of his projects online for the last 10+ years.  He has done so extensively. Regrettably for him, the written hype doesn’t disappear after the failure of each of the businesses to which it was attached.  So the sweet irony here is that while Mr. Neiditch has published his negative reviews of NetDivorce in a clearly malicious effort to harm us online forever, by virtue of the very same internet continuity, it is his 10+ years of accumulated online BS that will assure his own continuing professional failure.

While Mr. Neiditch is certainly steeped in a personal culture of failure you should avoid, there are other factors you should also know. Consider the level of intellect of someone who insists that you, his potential future business partners, know about his past failures.  Mr. Neiditch must know that his long history of extensive hype is all online. Did he think you would not do your due diligence on him and his track record?

After he published his negative reviews of NetDivorce, we gave him one week to remove them in order to avoid our publication of this post. When we made that offer, we already had acquired most of the info in this post from 10 minutes of online research.  We had a reasonably good idea what could be done with it, and we provided Mr. Neiditch an opportunity to avoid this encapsulation of his failed professional life for consumption by his future potential business partners.  He was seriously warned.  He declined our offer without comment. This is not a smart man.

Nor is he a principled man.  His stand against NetDivorce would only have been principled if we had in fact harmed him in any way. We have not. Mr. Neiditch is his own worst enemy. Don’t let him be yours too.

Mr. Neiditch is currently  a wannabe movie producer. He made a movie in 2005.  It may have been his only tangible accomplishment.  Few watched it. He claims now that it was distributed “through” Netflix (though that is not mentioned on its IMDB page) and that it’s a “cult classic,” which means few watched it. It’s not offered on Netflix now – if it ever was. It got him a part-time job at MGM for a few months in 2006.  10 years later, he now makes $50 movies on his iPhone (not a joke) and tries to find an agent, or anything, or any business vertical where has not already failed or any path forward where he can possibly make a buck.

What follows is the last 10 years of Judah Ray Neiditch’s career. It amounts to a series of panicked, superficial lunges towards anything he thought, even for a moment, might make a buck.  It is a remarkable story of consistent failure in each of many varied business verticals.

  • Neiditch claims to have been a graphic designer for 10 years, at least partially with his own company called Upgrade Multimedia.  He claims Upgrade Multimedia has existed to this day since May 1996, when he was 18. Yet in all of Big Google, there is only mention of Upgrade Multimedia on Neiditch’s own A-Level Pictures website. Apparently, it used to have a website,, circa 2010-2013, after which it was taken down and forwarded, like so many other former Neiditch sites, to his existent A-Level Pictures website. was a remarkably pedantic featureless website that advertised unlimited website design capabilities. Go figure. With Neiditch, less is not only considered more but also it is a certainty.
  • Neiditch claims to have been the founder of the Museum of International Street Art, a business he claims has existed to this day since April 2008. Yet on Big Google there are two references only: to an FB page that doesn’t exist and to, you guessed it, A-Level Pictures.  The MISA website,, existed circa 2009-2013. It no longer exists and forwards to the A-Level website. BTW, regarding the visitor counter on the MISA website. In December 2008, it read 193,353 visitors.  Pretty good, huh? That’s a lot of visitors for a site that came into existence in December 2008.  In June 2013, 4.5 years later, it read….193,353.  Meet just a small example of the pervasive dishonesty of Judah Ray Neiditch. There are many.
  • Neiditch claims to have been a photographer.  His photography website, http:/ is gone. It was up circa 2008-2013. Again, it was an extremely thin site. The only photo samples onsite where a few shots taken by Judah with his 5 megapixel Nokia phone.  This is consistent Neiditch behavior throughout.  If Neiditch snaps a few pics on his phone over the weekend, on Monday morning he’s a “pioneering photographer whose creativity is limited only by what you can imagine yourself.” If you think about that type of “clever” statement that is everywhere in Neiditch’s copy, it means absolutely nothing.  It’s a superficial statement that tells you that if you hired him as a photographer, your imagination, not his, will be the limiting factor.
  • Neiditch claims to have been a gourmet chef. We could find no evidence to support that claim at all – no mention in any of his numerous self-bios of any restaurants owned or worked at.  Probably, Neiditch either knew someone who was a chef or he had a few people over for a BBQ in 2008.  Anything he can fantasize becomes true in his next few self-bios.
  • Neiditch claims  that he created a company called Cineaste, Inc. as an employment agency for movie set workers.  Seems like a good idea, but Judah Ray Neiditch was involved.  The website,, lasted less than a year in 2005.
  • We must admit that we have no idea how many failed or still-born businesses Judah Ray Neiditch has started. He has obviously started at least one that does not bear any of his names.  Respect Collectibles was one such business circa September 2007. It claimed to sell memorabilia, including baseball cards and similar. On the contact page of its site is listed the phone number 323-270-0984. That is the same phone number listed for Neiditch on his divorce filing in Los Angeles County under case #BD641771 on June 17, 2016. Of course, there is no longer any Respect Collectibles website and his eBay account under that name is closed.
  • By 2010, Neiditch is owner and operator of Little Amsterdam, a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. The Little Amsterdam dispensary was closed around the end of 2011 by the City Attorney for zoning violations.  Its website was gone by the end of 2012.
  • By early 2012, our “movie producer” is running Otherside Health Management, an e-joint peddler in West LA, posting on cannabis investment boards and sleazing around weed festivals, trying to flog something called Cannacig, a completely useless item that claimed to vaporize marijuana, but couldn’t get anywhere near hot enough to do so. The company’s website,, was operative 2012-2013. If you were really lucky, you could have scored some, “Judah Ray’s Private Reserve” – one toke and your career is over.

Neiditch has claimed many things along the way: “The last film I wrote and directed is awaiting word from ten festivals.” (We know what that word was.) – March 2016;  “He’s also shopping his first feature film script, Ruff-N-Tumble Nights, unofficially with one of Hollywood’s top agencies” – June 2015 (one can only wonder what “unofficial shopping” is).

Everything that we could find online actually written by Neiditch is 100% hype. Here is a prime example, but certainly not the only.  All smoke and mirrors. Everything poorly conceived and poorly written.  Like all scared losers, everything is just about to break for Neiditch – though, over time, nothing ever does.

In his own mind and words, Neiditch is always “turning his attention,” always magnanimously and condescendingly, to new ventures. In fact, everywhere he turns, opportunities present and Neiditch becomes an immediate expert.  If Neiditch learns how to install a WordPress website, he would describe himself as, “A world-renowned and highly sought pioneer and original thinker in the developing field of web design, whose original formative concepts for art and design were honed in collaboration with many luminaries in the field, including the brother of someone who met Steve Jobs.”  If you think we are joking or being unjustly unkind, read!

UPDATE: A few days after this post was published, Neiditch’s bio was removed from the website of A-Level Pictures. We predict more will begin to disappear, but fortunately, we’ve got full-page captures to use.


The principals at NetDivorce have been in the same business for 35 years (including its pre-internet version, California Legal Assistance Centers). NetDivorce is a well-funded privately owned success story. NetDivorce is not only the premier low-cost online divorce website specializing in California divorce but also provides back-end software and database management for other online divorce sites nationwide. We wrote the world’s first divorce software package in 1983-84 and we launched the first online divorce website in March 1999.

Accordingly, it is difficult for us to understand how a 38-year old Judah Ray Neiditch has been involved in so many failures within so many different and varied business verticals.  But then again, we suspect that Mr. Neiditch could not understand our continuing success within our own industry.


Apparently Still Existent, But No Activity

  • A-Level Pictures – old website; thin content; mostly hype; as in all loser websites, everything is “just about to happen”

Failed/Out of Business/Gone

  • Elite Design Multimedia (Dissolved) gone
  • Cineaste, Inc. (Suspended)
  • Upgrade Multimedia – claimed as current, but no track record and website forwards to A-Level Pictures website
  • Museum of International Street Art – claimed as current, but no track record; website forwards to A-Level Pictures
  • JRay Photo – website gone
  • Gourmet Chef: Neiditch claims he was a gourmet chef; can find no evidence of any restaurant or other business
  • Little Amsterdam – pot shop; out of business; likely closed for zoning violations and violations of the city’s medical marijuana ordinance
  • Otherside Health Management – medical marijuana peddlers; out of business; gone.
  • Respect Collectibles: unattributed to Judah Ray Neiditch, but uses his phone number; website gone and eBay page no longer active
  • Inner City Events: gone; no track record


“He is an entrepreneur, Feature Film producer, VIP event producer, nightclub producer, fashion designer, published poet/writer, artist, creative director, graphic designer, deejay, marketer, agent, creator, inventor, philosopher and true businessman who owns five companies within the entertainment industry… and that is only the beginning.”

See the source.

Master of None.


Judah Ray Neiditch hired NetDivorce to handle his uncontested divorce.  Since we were hired, NetDivorce has not failed to perform in any manner in the discharge of its duties owed to Mr. Neiditch under our contract.  There is nothing wrong in Mr. Neiditch’s case. Nor has he claimed that there is.

However, Mr. Neiditch has claimed that a specific section of our written instructions is confusing and misleading.  He did not do so politely.  He claimed that our instructions told him to have the person who served his divorce docs on his wife sign a certain legal doc twice in the same place.  Our instructions did not say that. We pointed out in detail how Mr. Neiditch’s interpretation could not have been reached by any reasonable reading of our instructions.  Our instructions are in fact crystal clear. We will show you those instructions and all of the email traffic below.

Without addressing his own embarrassingly obvious mistake of interpretation of our instructions, Mr. Neiditch then advised us that he would publish adverse reviews and complaints about NetDivorce all over the internet. We quote his exact threat below.

Upon receipt of his threat, we advised Mr. Neiditch that if he published any false statements about NetDivorce, we would act to defend our excellent reputation most aggressively through a lawsuit and through the publication of the post you are looking at. He then complained to the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance that we had warned him that we would defend ourselves if attacked.  Predictably, both agencies did not accept his complaint. Businesses are allowed to defend themselves legally against unwarranted attacks.

Having received our warning, Mr. Neiditch then published defamatory comments online about NetDivorce (see those comments below), even though NetDivorce has not harmed him or failed to perform for him in any way. Mr. Neiditch has defamed NetDivorce maliciously and without justification in an unreasonable attempt to harm our business.

This post is our response to Judah Ray Neiditch’s unreasonable and unjustified attacks upon NetDivorce.


June 14, 2016 – Judah Raymond Neiditch hired NetDivorce to prepare all divorce papers in his uncontested divorce for a flat fee of $129. That contract encompasses the only duties NetDivorce owes Mr. Neiditch.

June 16, 2016 – Mr. Neiditch completed our online interview and downloaded his first batch of legal documents for signature and filing at his local court in Los Angeles.

June 17, 2016 – Mr. Neiditch filed his case at his local court in Los Angeles and was assigned case number BD641771.

June 21, 2016 – Mr. Neiditch had applied to the court for a waiver of the $435 court filing fee based on his low income. (Note:  No client confidences will be betrayed in this post. All of this information is publicly available.) His Request to Waive Court Fees was weak. We provided information on how to improve it. Mr. Neiditch responded, “…your advice was great.”

June 22, 2016 – Mr. Neiditch entered his case number into his NetDivorce account and downloaded the second batch of prepared legal docs for service of those docs upon his wife. NetDivorce prepared and proofread Mr. Neiditch’s Marital Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment for him and his wife to sign and emailed them to him.

June 22, 210 and June 28, 2016 – Mr. Neiditch asked two questions by email and received prompt responses. Afterthe first question and answer, he wrote back, “…thank you for your time and support.”

June 28, 2016: Mr. Neiditch sent us an additional email with a third question. This time he was not polite.  Here is the entire email. It is quoted verbatim. All grammar and syntax mistakes are Mr Neiditch’s:

Advise, have someone proofread this that speaks proper English. In section 26 you ask to “Cause” your server to write neatly his or her name…. I think you mean “Have” your server to write neatly his or her name… There are many instances where these types of mistakes make it very difficult to understand what you’re being asked, especially in the huge paragraphs of information you expect people to absorb. Just trying to make the world a better place for you and your clients, which I am one of.


Looks like my email forgot to send this. You have already filed, there’s some notes to help you with your site and wording.

These instructions are not in very good English, and very hard to understand. I am praying that I did all the paperwork correctly.

I am now having my friend take care of the mailing. But I am very confused on section 26. Is there supposed to be two signatures by the person doing the mailing on the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt? You say to sign it halfway down and he said the signs again where state signature of sender.

June 28, 2016: NetDivorce responded to Mr. Neiditch’s rudeness.  Again, here is our whole email, word for word.

Yeah, that’s wonderful. Thanks a lot for your expert assessment of our English and of your ability to understand it.

Are you equating the words, “write neatly his or her name” with “signs?” Can you not see the section of the Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt that requires the sender to type or print his or her name?

Have you made that mistake because you don’t understand the meaning of the word, “cause?” Or was it the fact that you don’t understand when to use the infinitive? “Have your server to write neatly…?” That’s a joke, right?

I truly regret that you find the paragraphs too big. The person who proofread all of our instructions is a multi-published author. And now I can see so clearly that she should have been a 6th grader.

If you have any legitimate questions about your case, I will be happy to answer them and to help you in any way I can. There are no dumb questions in divorce. You could even have asked a question about item 26, and you would have received a polite and comprehensive answer. Yet you must instead display your argumentative personality.

Yes, we do request constructive suggestions from clients, and we have implemented a number of them, though none in recent years. We withdraw that request from you. You are singularly ill-equipped. Let’s confine ourselves to the scope of our business. Or, just for your understanding, “let’s to confine ourselves…”

Ed West
NetDivorce, LLC

California Online Divorce For $129


June 28, 2016: We then received Mr. Neiditch’s threat:


Be sure to check the reviews I am going post everywhere across the Internet for my spelling, and how I feel about your attitude. Enjoy your day and life. I know I am.

June 28. 2016: And Mr. Neiditch received our warning:

Ah, you don’t like it when you’re made to look the fool you are.

You’re free to do whatever you deem appropriate. We do, and that will always include defending our excellent reputation in what you will find is a most aggressive manner.

June 28, 2016: Mr. Neiditch began to publish multiple negative reviews about NetDivorce.

July 1, 2016: Mr. Neiditch filed complaints against NetDivorce with the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance. His complaint said nothing about what is in his review. He complained only that NetDivorce had told him that if he defamed us, we would sue him and defend ourselves aggressively.  We openly admit that. We believe we are entitled to do just what we said we would do.  Both agencies declined the complaint and removed it completely from their systems.

July 1, 2016: NetDivorce emailed Mr. Neiditch as follows:

Following is NetDivorce’s only offer in settlement. No other offer will be made and the below is not negotiable:

  • Allowing for the impending July 4 holiday, Neiditch is required to remove from BCA, Yelp and any other internet locations any and all defamatory statements regarding NetDivorce before close of business on Friday, July 8. We require him further to provide a statement (an email will be fine) that he has done so.
  • If Neiditch fails to remove his defamatory statements within said time frame, NetDivorce will issue a defamation lawsuit against Neiditch and publish the online “review” of Judah Raymond Neiditch described above.
  • If Neiditch removes his defamatory statements within said time frame, NetDivorce will provide him with an emailed written undertaking that we will refrain from filing any defamation lawsuit and publishing any online statements concerning his own business interests – unless future defamatory statements are made.
  • Neiditch is required to provide a written statement (email is fine) that NetDivorce’s performance in his case to date has been satisfactory.
  • If he wishes, Neiditch can certainly continue to use NetDivorce service to finalize his case. In doing so, he is assured, as he always has been, of our best efforts on his behalf. However, we will require that all future communications in his case refer only to his case. We are not interested in his personality disorders and certainly are not paid to deal with them.

If Neiditch fails to accept our offer in settlement by the specified date and time, it is automatically withdrawn.

After July 1 2016: NetDivorce has received no further communication from Mr. Neiditch nor sent any.




The instructions they give were so difficult for me to understand, I wish I had just paid an attorney to do everything. Pages and pages of what I saw as long winded paragraphs, including instructions that in my opinion were not written properly and can easily be messed up. I even had a couple people try and read through the instructions, even they were confused. We are all smart business owners! The information and rules are sent to you in such a way it is hard to decipher what you, by law, are required to do.


The customer service was rude and hard to deal with. I am disgusted by how they handle themselves. I almost feel abused by the rep I am dealing with. He keeps eMailing back obnoxious responses that are condescending and rude. He even threatened that if I leave a bad review, I should be “careful of any actions I take or statements I make to harm “us””. and “those who pick fights are rarely equipped for the ride”.

I would never use this company again and warn everyone I know to STAY AWAY.


We have tried to reach a settlement with this client, but he is not interested.

Judah Ray Neiditch hired NetDivorce to handle his uncontested divorce for our flat fee of $129. is the premier California online divorce service. We have specialized in California divorce for over 35 years.  Our flat rate fee of $129 is for a complete service that includes unlimited expert client support.

NetDivorce has not failed in any way to discharge its duties to Mr. Neiditch.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in his case, and he has not claimed that there is.

Mr. Neiditch has claimed only that he cannot understand our written instructions, and regrettably, that may be true. However, when we feed the complete written instructions Mr. Neiditch refers to into the Flesch-Kincaid readability tool at, they scored a 72.4.  That is a Flesch-Kincaid reading level of grade 5.8 (not even 6th grade).  That reading level is described by Flesch-Kincaid as, “fairly easy to read.”

And while Mr. Neiditch claims that we were rude in our response to him, he had written, “have someone proofread this that speaks proper English. These instructions are not in very good English, and very hard to understand. … I am very confused on section 26. Is there supposed to be two signatures by the person doing the mailing on the Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt? You say to sign it halfway down and he said the signs again where state signature of sender.”

BTW, that’s a direct word-for-word quote from Mr. Neiditch’s email. That’s how he writes.  Many of his emails to us are barely understandable.

When he got our response, he wrote back, “Be sure to check the reviews I am going post everywhere across the Internet for my spelling, and how I feel about your attitude.”

Here’s section 26 of our instructions: “26. HOW TO SERVE YOUR SPOUSE/PARTNER BY MAIL: Give the Second Batch of documents to the person you’ve selected to serve those documents on your spouse/partner within the US by first class mail. Cause your server to write neatly his or her name and the date on which s/he will mail the Second Batch of documents to your spouse/partner about half way down (there are no section numbers) BOTH copies of the Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt (Family Law) from the Second Batch of documents. Your server also signs each copy where it states, ‘Signature of Sender’ – again, about half way down the form.”

Can you see Mr. Neiditch’s mistake?  This is a standard legal form where a person has to print his name neatly and then sign adjacent to where s/he printed his or her name.  It says on the doc, “Type or Print Your Name” and then right next to that, “Signature of Sender.”  Yet Mr. Neiditch and 2 people he claims are “smart business owners” could not understand this – even with the legal doc in front of them.

Our instructions could not have been clearer. And if he really couldn’t understand, all Mr. Neiditch had to do was to email or call us.  He had previously written us twice for clarification of instructions.  He had received prompt and complete answers on both occasions. On those 2 occasions, he had written back to us, “your advice was great” and, “thank you for your time and support.” However, on this particular day, for whatever reason, he had to be insulting and threatening instead.

Notice that Mr. Neiditch does not mention in his review the actual non-existent problem he claimed he had with us. That’s because he doesn’t want Yelpers to know about it because he now realizes it makes him look foolish.

Mr. Neiditch complains that our instructions are too long. According to a recent Insider Monkey and Bloomberg survey, California divorce is the second most complex and difficult in the country.  It is very difficult to write about divorce to a lay audience. Yet anyone in the online divorce industry must do that. We have seen our competitors’ instructions.  If they have one page of generic instructions, that Mr. Neiditch still could not understand, ours are three pages of detailed case-specific instructions.  Which one would you want?

Yet you do not need even to be able to read if you hire NetDivorce. We have had clients who have told us they cannot read and we have had no problem getting them through their cases as long as they have a friend or relative who can read.  It’s not your reading level that counts.  It’s whether your personality requires you to be insulting and threatening.

If you are a California divorce consumer looking for a complete, reliable and affordable online divorce service, your reward for reading and understanding Mr. Neiditch’s malicious review will be that if you send an email to [email protected] with “I’m Not Like Judah” in the subject line, we will handle your uncontested California divorce for $99 – that’s a further almost 25% reduction off our industry-beating fee of $129.


UPDATE: and as you can see by his message below, the abuse by this company has not only become aggressive, but has also become personal. The “company rep” Ed has kept threatening me, not only myself personally, but also my business. Still, I will not take the truth down. BEWARE! You think a divorce is hard, imagine it with not only your spouse harassing you. Heed my warning, there are other companies that offer this service at competitive rates.


RESPONSE TO UPDATE: No one has kept threatening Mr. Neiditch. He was warned once only about publishing false and malicious statements with an intent to harm NetDivorce. As he has threatened and acted maliciously against our business, of course his business is a target for us. Neiditch brought his business into his review.  It is fair game. How can he complain?

There are no other companies that offer a COMPLETE service like NetDivorce does at $129.  We currently have two companies that come close at $139 – they are both located in India (one doesn’t even have a phone number posted).  Beyond that, our closest competitor is at $159, but they have so many ups and extras, good luck.  No other company provides the complete service provides at $129 with no ups or extras ever.  Why do you think Neiditch hired us?

In fact, you’ll notice that in Neiditch’s original “review,” he condescendingly says, “I wish I had just paid an attorney to do everything,” like he hired NetDivorce by accident because his PA was off that week.  It is a matter of public record that in Los Angeles County case BD641771, Judah Neiditch filed a Request to Waive Court Costs on the basis of his low income.  He would prefer if the taxpayers of Los Angeles County would pick up his $435 court filing fee. Now, we can’t tell you what his income is. That would be a violation of our confidentiality promise to him, but it is also a matter of public records that the state of California considers low income for a single person household to be anything less than $1226 gross monthly.   From that, you may deduce that Neiditch earns less than $1226 gross monthly. That info is on doc he has signed under penalty of perjury and filed at court.

Mr. Neiditch did not hire a lawyer because he could not afford to do so.  Mr. Neiditch hired NetDivorce because we are the pre-eminent choice of low-income people to obtain high-quality assistance in their cases. We have been so for over 35 years, including as our pre-Internet company.


If you do business with Judah Ray Neiditch, below are examples of his personality, character and integrity that you will deal with on a continuing basis. These examples are just the ones we found online in under 10 minutes.  They demonstrate a remarkable consistency of behaviour across time.

icon box image


Those aren’t our words.

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“…you would sell your house to get more of this stock!”

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3 customer reviews on Judah’s eBay page for this business, right before the business closed.

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You DON’T want this representing your business interests:

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“All I can say is 20 years experience with this herb.”

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Below are afew examples of what must be the worst promotional writing the world has ever seen. All of this comes from one piece.  You can find many if you search for Judah Ray Neiditch.

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We couldn’t make this stuff up – “it’s a wonderful feeling having faith in your investment instincts.” So how did that work out?

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Neiditch cannot even stay at an airbnb establishment without his integrity and decency showing through.

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“…turns out Juda is lying his ass off to sell this rebranded ecig.”

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This is how Neiditch will always operate – on the edges

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Judah on Judah

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This is what will represent your company if you do business with Judah Ray Neiditch. The guy generates his own failures.  Don’t let those be yours also.

me and all others who know a good trip to millionaire land when they see it”

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These are our conclusions about doing business with Judah Ray Neiditch. They are based not only on our own short experience of doing so as a service provider, which experience is detailed above, but also upon a remarkably similar number of online observations by others over 10+ years.  Your own online search regarding Neiditch would likely produce more examples of his destructive attitude and dishonesty.  We only scraped the surface – never going further than the first page of search results. Additionally, consider how many negative business experiences have been had with Neiditch and which have NOT been chronicled online.  We suggest to you that what you can read on this page is the tip of the iceberg.

We will never conduct business with Judah Ray Neiditch again, but your own danger may still exist.  If you are considering a project with Judah Ray Neiditch, you must certainly draw your own conclusions.

Ours are:

  1. Crybaby Butthurt: None of this should ever have happened and would not have happened had we been dealing with a reasonable person. Neiditch had politely asked NetDivorce 2 prior questions and had received prompt courteous responses for which he had thanked us. That was apparently his limit. On the third question, he had to run his rude and condescending personality on us. We think our Ed West was more polite than he needed to be in his response in which he advised Neiditch that his interpretation of our specific instructions was hopelessly inaccurate and could not have been reached by any reasonable person reading those instructions. Neiditch then developed a serious case of crybaby butthurt.  He didn’t like to be corrected.  He was the one that he thought would be magnanimously correcting us.  His abrasive and destructive personality could not take being made to look the fool. Note that he has never since mentioned anything about the actual event that made him look so foolish. His response and attack on NetDivorce were irrational and malicious. In our small interface with him, Neiditch’s personality was the architect of his own failure. We suggest that his destructive personality would be a serious problem for any joint-venture partners in any future business venture that includes Neiditch.
  2. Pothead: C’mon. What do we care, and what do you care?  We’ve all inhaled. We certainly pronounce no moral judgment just because Neiditch by his own admission is a serious pothead. However, is that what you want in your business project? Again, you must decide. You don’t have to be a pothead to know what being a pothead means. We all have known a pothead. Do business with Neiditch, and you already know exactly the quality and depth of personal energy and commitment you’re going to get. Don’t listen to Neiditch speak. Watch what he does.
  3. Business Failure:  The successful business world is full of failures.  You must fail to succeed.  The failed business world is also full of failures. If a person fails in a dozen or so known business ventures across a 10 year period, and those business ventures are in varied industries, there comes a time when you must draw a conclusion based on such consistent results. If a person is ever going to succeed in business, there has to be a path to success. Judah Ray Neiditch may have been on the path to success at some point in time.  It is unlikely he is now.  If you do business with Neiditch, it should be with throw-away money only. Based upon his own track record, he is unlikely to participate in any future success in any business endeavor.
  4. Artistry – A common theme throughout the Neiditch Chronicles is that Judah is an “artist.”  Everything to him is described by him as art – chef, design, photography, scripts, movies, street art, etc. Peddling weed and bongs is art to Neiditch.  The constant invocation of artistry is required to cause in the mind of his target a sense of his creativity, albeit one that never actually shows up. Despite that, Neiditch is, in fact, an artist – a bullshit artist.
  5. Not Too Bright – All Neiditch had to do was accept our offer that he remove his defamatory statements about NetDivorce and this post would never have appeared. He defamed us by stating that our written instructions, “are sent to you in such a way it is hard to decipher what you, by law, are required to do.” He is entitled to state his opinion, just as we are herein, but this statement is his problem because it is a statement of fact, and it is false.

Judah Ray Neiditch (or whatever name seems cool today) is an almost 40-year old documented business failure in many verticals across the last 10+ years. Perversely, he is also a blatant self-promoter and bullshit artist of epic proportions. His problem in both regards is the internet.  He is of a type which, pre-internet, could always have made the big score because few would have known of his track record of failure and hype. But the internet won’t go away, and the word about Neiditch is now consolidated and revealed in this post. Our experience with Neiditch is accurately described herein, but it took us literally 10 minutes of search to find many similar experiences of others with Neiditch. On the basis of the above, he deserves and will likely experience

On the basis of the above, he deserves and will likely experience only failure from this point forward.  Scared, dumb, pothead, bad attitude, dishonest and desperate rarely win. You should not participate in Judah Ray Neiditch’s future failures. You have plenty of options – whatever it might be. Neiditch is not unique in any way.

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