Is Online Divorce Legitimate?

Yes, online divorce is absolutely legitimate!  In fact, online divorce is a wise choice for uncontested divorce, which is almost 80% of all divorces. 

Uncontested divorce means that both parties in the divorce will not dispute legally any issue in their case or the divorce itself.

Unless your uncontested divorce involves complex legal issues, a very high net marital estate, domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence, you should use online divorce. In the UK, since September, 2021, ALL divorces must be online divorces. That includes even contested cases. Online divorce is definitely legitimate.

The problem with online divorce, and probably the reason you’re asking this question, is that the US online divorce industry, unlike the UK online divorce industry, is completely unregulated.

When the internet came along, around 1999, US Bar Associations completely dropped the ball.  They were clueless as to what the internet was and how it could be harnessed to reduce cost, stress and complexity in divorces, particularly uncontested divorces.

As a result, the usual type of conman rushed in and took over the online divorce industry.  As a consequence of that, thousands of US divorce consumers have been harmed by unscrupulous conmen in the online divorce industry who claim that they know how to handle divorces in all 3000+ counties in the US – an impossibility.

Add price fraud, fake client testimonial fraud, fake online divorce service review websites and non-existent client support to the already built in incompetence and you have a perfect storm of fraud and incompetence that harms almost all divorce consumers that use the industry.

And as most of the conmen are overseas (onlinedivorce dot com and divorcefiller dot com are in Ukraine; instantonlinedivorce dot com and getdivorcepapers dot com are in India; onlinedivorcer dot com is in the Czech Republic; onlinedivorcecalifornia dot com is in Mexico), the FBI is simply not interested. Your local District Attorney can do nothing to help you if you get stuck.

The online divorce industry is now huge. The overseas conmen are making huge amounts of money. They spend massive amounts on marketing, much of which is fraudulent. They pay Google. So Google will not touch them. We know. We’ve filed complaints with Google.  They are not interested.

You, the divorce consumer, are on your own.

NetDivorce vs. Our Competitors

Based on the above, this page and several other pages on the NetDivorce website are our attempt to warn at least the divorce consumers who happen to come to our site. Bear in mind that NetDivorce handles only California divorce.

So we aim primarily at online divorce conmen who offer online divorce service in California.

You won’t see anything like this online divorce provider comparison on the websites of any of our competitors.

They cannot compare themselves to NetDivorce. We beat them on price, experience, specialization in California divorce, client support and client testimonials.  

Also, NetDivorce doesn’t use price or testimonial fraud to trick you into hiring us.  We don’t need to – because we beat everyone on price, experience, specialization and client support. So that’s a major problem for our competitors.

Our online divorce competitors only compare themselves to $5000-$7500 lawyers.  But if you have an uncontested divorce, you don’t need a $5000+ lawyer. So why do they compare themselves to something you don’t need? Because that’s the only way they can look cheap.

NetDivorce never compares itself to a $5000+ lawyer.  NetDivorce only compares itself to its competitors.

NetDivorce figures that you, the California divorce consumer, already know that online divorce is a wise choice for an uncontested divorce where you and your spouse are not going to be fighting about issues in your case.

Your problem isn’t deciding that you want an online divorce.  Your problem is hiring an online divorce provider without getting screwed.  And that’s what this online divorce comparison is all about.

So below are our comparisons of NetDivorce to our main competitors – the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

So if any of the online divorce providers listed below are of interest to you as a result of your research, click on the video that has their website name and hold on tight.

NetDivorce vs.

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NetDivorce vs.

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