Fake Online Divorce Reviews


Online divorce reviews and client testimonials are valuable to divorce consumers because they tell you what type of experience you are likely to have with the online divorce website you are fake online divorce reviewsresearching. However, for those reviews or testimonials to help you in the way you intended, they have to be valid.  They have to be from real clients.  They have to be certified or verified by an independent, peer-reviewed company that is in the business of verifying client testimonials and reviews, not just in online divorce, but across many different industries. Fake online divorce reviews are dangerous.

If the client testimonials are not legit, then you are being cheated out of your right to make your own decision as to which online divorce website to hire.  That should be your choice. Online divorce is an important personal legal matter. It will affect your economic and legal rights going forward.  You should have a right to make that choice yourself without being cheated into hiring a company you would not have hired if you knew they were frauds.

If an online divorce website is representing to you that they have earned thousands of legitimate client testimonials and that those testimonials have been verified by an independent company in the business of verifying client testimonials, but instead that testimonial company is owned and/or controlled by the same people that own the online divorce website, that’s called fraud.  It’s a crime. They are telling you that they have earned thousands of valid testimonials when they have not.  Those testimonials might have been written by the online divorce website owner, his staff or his mother.  If they have not been certified by an independent company, who knows by whom they were written.

Watch our video on fake online divorce reviews and find out which online divorce companies try to trick you into hiring them by this particular fraud.

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