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Easy Divorce in California


Easy Divorce in California

Easy California Divorce for $129 – No Ups or Extras.

California divorce is not easy, and we are not telling you that it is.  According to a recent Insider Monkey nationwide survey, using data developed by Bloomberg, California has the second hardest divorce procedure in the country, and according to a recent survey by GoBankingRates, California has the most expensive divorce procedure in the whole country.

So what do you do if you need a California divorce?  That IS easy!  You find an online company that has spent 34+ years developing systems, software and client support that will make your case as easy as it possibly can be.  Then hope that they have a flat rate fee that is half the price of their big nationwide rivals who do not specialize in California divorce.

Below are the main benefits you will receive in your case if you hire NetDivorce to handle your California divorce so that your case can be as easy as it can possibly be.



Your complete divorce case is prepared online by experts. NetDivorce has over 34 years of experience in California divorce.  Your complete case is ready for IMMEDIATE download to any online computer. There are no delivery delays. If you make any mistakes, they are IMMEDIATELY correctable at no additional cost. You can download your divorce papers as many times as you want. Then print, sign and file your documents at your local court. You can print on your home or office computer or at Kinko’s, Staples, Office Max, the public library, etc.


You make the decisions and NetDivorce does the work to make your case an easy divorce in California.  Complete the secure NetDivorce online interview in the comfort of your home or office. You can complete the interview in one or multiple sessions at your option. Our intelligent online systems lead you step by step through only the issues that apply to your specific case. No time is wasted on unnecessary questions or issues. Context-sensitive help is always just a click away on all issues, as is NetDivorce’s expert client support systems via email, live chat and phone.

Complete Case

NetDivorce prepares ALL state AND local county divorce forms.  Your Marital Settlement Agreement is included at no additional cost!  These are accurate COMPLETE FINALIZED divorce forms ready to print, sign and file. BEWARE – many other online services prepare ONLY state documents. Most counties have their own local documents as well. You will need them. NetDivorce prepares them! Also, our main competitor does NOT prepare the Marital Settlement Agreement for you. This is the most important document in your case, and they don’t provide it!  NetDivorce provides your Marital Settlement Agreement.


Many clients have their completed papers in hand and ready to file within 20 minutes of hiring NetDivorce. NetDivorce does NOT advocate speed in divorce cases. You should proceed carefully and thoughtfully through all of the issues in your case. However, it is good to know that such speed is available if needed. Bear in mind that a 20-minute result would require that there are no children of the marriage and not much, if any, property or debt to be listed. A more typical time for the completion of our online interview would be 45-60 minutes. Most clients complete the online interview in 2 or 3 sessions. All your data is saved on our secure servers.


Guaranteed court acceptance of ALL forms – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!  It’s good to know that this guarantee exists, but bear in mind that NetDivorce has NEVER had to pay out on our guarantee and likely will never need to. All NetDivorce-prepared forms are either mandatory California Judicial Council forms or approved local county forms.  NetDivorce keeps on top of any new or revised forms.

Unlimited Support

Full access to unlimited expert client support.  NetDivorce client support systems are available via email, live chat from every page of our site or via telephone from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday thru Friday – and we monitor messages regularly over the weekend. BEWARE – many other online services claim client support 24/7, but an overnight answering service is NOT client support.


Detailed customized written instructions are provided for easy filing of your case at your local court.  All written instructions are customized to the facts of your own case. NetDivorce does not waste your time with huge amounts of general information that do not apply to your case.


Over 29,000 cases handled.  Pre-Internet, NetDivorce was California Legal Assistance Centers which opened for business on June 1, 1981. Same people, same expertise – now online only.

NetDivorce handles ONLY California divorce.  Unlike our larger, much more expensive, nationwide competitors, NetDivorce specializes in California divorce.  You benefit from our specialization.

Move On

The decision to divorce is highly personal. Your decision should only be made by you.  However, once you have made that difficult decision, the rest of your happier life awaits you. It will be NetDivorce’s job to get you to your next chapter of life as quickly and easily, not to mention cheaply, as possible.

You Know Your Total Cost Up Front

Flat-Rate Fixed Fee of $129 Per Case. That’s NOT $129 per person.  It’s NOT $129 to start.  It’s$129, period!

There are NO ups or extras. There are NO Expensive Installment Payments. There is NO misleading menu of add-on fees. There are NO hidden fees. Unlike one of our main competitors, NetDivorce does NOT hold your case ransom until you pay our $125 “Expedite Fee.” There are NO other fees. There is NO up-selling – NetDivorce will NEVER try to sell you ANYTHING else . There is NO tricky pricing. You cannot pay NetDivorce more than $129 for one case.

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