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Divorce in La Puente California

If you’re looking for an uncontested divorce in La Puente California, the choice of an online divorce provider is a difficult one.  There are many factors to consider before making your decision.  Many of those factors are not intuitive to most people. 

You should look carefully at what each online divorce provider’s website promises. For example, does it tell you that they will prepare “all state approved forms?” That may sound like a positive feature unless you know that almost every divorce in La Puente California will require some local county forms as well.  So sites that say “all state approved forms” are telling you that they don’t prepare local county forms. They are telling you that they only provide a partial service, but La Puente divorce consumers will naturally think that preparing “all state approved forms” sounds great. That is how tricky online divorce providers can be. 

Look here and here for some other examples of fraud in online divorce. 

A major hiring factor we stress at NetDivorce is existing client testimonials. Genuine testimonials are valuable to the La Puente divorce consumer because they provide a reasonably reliable idea of what to expect from the online divorce provider in your case.  The consistent experiences of actual clients getting a divorce in California is a good indicator of what you can expect when you get your own divorce in La Puente California. 

However, client testimonials is also an area of fraud by online divorce providers. One example of client testimonial fraud is that the provider will ask the client for a testimonial right after the client has signed up. The client has no idea yet what the provider’s service will be like, but they are scared not to provide a good testimonial in case the provider punishes them by screwing up the case. At NetDivorce, even if an existing client sends us a compliment in an email, we only publish testimonials from clients who have already completed their cases and have had the full experience of our service. 

Look here for an example of mydivorcepapers.com using its own client testimonial company.  You read that right – it uses a testimonial website it either owns or controls.  Mydivorcepapers.com is the only “customer” of the fake testimonial site.  Mydivorcepapers.com writes their own testimonials.  The way they were caught red-handed is kinda funny, until you realize that you, the La Puente divorce consumer are the target.  And yes, Mydivorcepapers.com still uses this fraud at the time of this writing (November 2017). 

NetDivorce is the premier online California divorce specialist. NetDivorce and its pre-internet company, California Legal Assistance Centers, has been handling divorce in California since June 1, 1981. 

Following is one of the best existing client reviews we’ve seen for a long time. We use Business Consumer Alliance as our client testimonial service. The reason we like them is that they actually call the client and ask probing questions as well as asking them to answer written questions that are developed for the online divorce niche. Our reviews are not 2 or 5 word blurts that tell you nothing. They are extended reviews that cover specific points that the client experienced with NetDivorce. In other words, Business Consumer Alliance exercises skill in putting together a complete picture of NetDivorce through our reviews. 

The review below is particularly strong on what most people think about divorce before they begin the process and how that differs to what they find out after they’ve hired an experienced and competent provider like NetDIvorce. We think this review will be of particular interest to many divorce consumers looking for a divorce in La Puente California. 


We, at Business Consumer Alliance, would like to know how your experience was with this company by asking you the following questions: 

Were all of your expectations met, and what stood out to you with respect to the services they offer? 

NetDivorce not only met my expectations but they far exceeded them. I realized as I got into each step how little I knew about all that would be involved. The internet made it look like you fill out a few forms and you’re done. In reality, there are numerous forms that must be presented sequentially and properly executed. NetDivorce provided every form, in order, along with clear instructions and proactive support to guide me through the process. I was amazed.

Did they provide prompt and thorough services? 

Absolutely. Each email question was answered almost immediately and it was obvious that Ed was reviewing my submissions as he would make suggestions and guide me as I submitted new paperwork. There was never any lag time and the service was beyond thorough. 

What made you choose NetDivorce services over a competitor? 

Of course I was attracted to their price, but that also made me wary. I read a lot of reviews and it seemed they followed through pretty well and some of the high priced ones didn’t have such a good reputation. In the end, I hoped for the best and gave the low price the try. I am so thankful. I could not imagine better, personalized service! 

How would you rate your overall experience from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being best! 

5 Stars! 

Would you recommend them to others, and what would your recommendation be? 

Absolutely. This is a time in your life when you are stressed, there is a lot of change going on and becoming an expert in this field is not at the top of your list. Take some of the pressure off and get it done right the first time by getting help. Price does not always indicate the best quality. These guys just put a good value out there and are well worth every penny. Don’t pay more than you have to, these guys can get you through it.

Please provide any additional comments or details that would assist me with writing a thorough review. 

divorce in La Puente CaliforniaAs I said, I thought it was just a few forms, but I wasn’t quite sure. After signing up, I filled out a lengthy questionnaire that got somewhat tedious and I was wondering if it would be worth all the effort. It was more than worth the effort. Not long after completing the form, I received a completely organized packet completely filled out with detailed instructions on what to do with the documents, which were presented in order. I just worked methodically through the instructions and it went smoothly. There are two more steps like that. I had to go to the courthouse a couple of times to file paperwork, and each time as I waited I watched frazzled people trying to answer questions and shuffling through reams of paper and ultimately heading home to try to get things in order. I would step up to the window and hand the clerk my packet and she would read through it and just start stamping. Each time I was complimented on how well I had everything in order! By the court!! Every single step proceeded on the first attempt. I was so grateful, because those are days you just don’t want to repeat. NetDivorce helped me preserve my dignity in some small way on those difficult days. I am very thankful for the help.


NetDivorce appreciated this review because the client who was kind enough to provide it is herself a business owner in an extremely specialist niche.  She understands how important it is to provide value for money while competing with the “big boys” who are perhaps not the most honest group of competitors.

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