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Compare Online Divorce Websites

Finally Some Sensible Comparison of Divorce Websites.

Compare online divorce websites in California.  While there are no verifiable statistics available, based upon our long experience of knowing who our biggest competitors are, we believe that the comparison table below includes the 5 most popular online divorce websites in the California divorce market.

Of these 5, ONLY NetDivorce specializes in California divorce and only California divorce.  All states have different divorce laws and procedures. We know California divorce top to bottom. It’s all we do, and it’s all we’ve done since June 1, 1981.

BTW, you will not find any comparison table like the one below on any of our competitors’ websites.  Two of them, and run their own divorce website review websites where (SURPRISE!) their own websites recommend them. However, they cannot compare themselves to NetDivorce – for obvious reasons.  See the comparison table below.

We’ve also done a MUCH larger comparison of the top 10 California divorce websites. WARNING: That larger comparison is HUGE and will not look good on your smartphone. Also, see our no-fraud pledge.

Comparison Table| NetDivorce
CommentsSearch for LegalZoom Divorce Problems. They are clueless. Now run by It's Over Easy. Way Too Expensive. Very Thin Website. Watch for Upselling!Second best, but no MSA and more than twice our price!No Local County Forms. Expensive Installment Options.ALERT: Not a complete fee!! $139 for the first month only. Then they hit your credit card for $35 per month until you tell them to stop. See Section IIIC of their Terms of Use. No Local County Forms. Plus $125 "Expedite Fee" and $199 Premium fee. Many other hidden costs.No Ups or Extras- EVER!
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