This is Cheap Divorce in California

However, it is also a complete divorce service done by experts with 40+ years of experience in California uncontested divorce. We know what we are doing.

Uncontested divorce is simply a divorce in which the two parties will not legally dispute any issues in their divorce or the divorce itself.

NetDivorce offers you, the California uncontested divorce consumer, a complete uncontested divorce service that provides you EVERYTHING you will need to file and complete your uncontested California divorce.

What’s Included in Your Cheap Divorce California?

Cheap divorce in California would not be a good idea if it was a partial service that did not include everything you will need to complete your uncontested California divorce from beginning to end.

NetDivorce service is not just the cheapest divorce in California.  It is the best divorce service in California. See our home page for a complete list of what we will do for you in exchange for our complete flat fee of $129.  However, we summarize what’s included in NetDivorce service here:

  • Complete preparation of all State of California and local county divorce papers, including your Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Customized (specific to your case) written instructions on how to proceed in your case at every step of the process
  • Unlimited client support (you WILL have questions – California divorce is complex) by phone, email and live chat Monday-Friday 7 AM – 7 PM

What Does Your Cheap Divorce California Cost?

The cost of your cheap divorce in California may include two parts:

  • NetDivorce Fee of $129: To prepare all of your state and local county divorce documents, including your Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Your County’s Superior Court Filing Fee ($435 in MOST counties): Unless you have low income
Low Cost Divorce

NetDivorce Fee


That’s it!  There’s nothing else. You CANNOT pay us more!  Don’t even ask!!

That $129 is NOT a per-spouse fee.

That $129 is NOT an installment payment.

That $129 is NOT a monthly subscription like the fees at,, and

The $129 NetDivorce fee is payable by all major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal or Amazon Pay.


Superior Court Filing Fee

The Superior Court Filing Fee is $435 in all counties, except in Riverside County or San Francisco County, where it is $450.

The Court Filing Fee is paid directly to the Superior Court when your case is filed. The Court Filing Fee is subject to change at any time.

While courts differ in their payment policies, all accept cash and money orders and most accept personal checks or credit cards (with valid photo ID).

Court Filing Fee


Fee Waiver

If you have low income, you may qualify for a waiver of the Superior Court Filing Fee. NetDivorce handles that application also – at no additional cost.

Requests for Waiver of the Court Fee can be based either upon your receipt of certain types of public assistance, such as Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, TANF (CalWorks) or SSI/SSP, or upon your proven claim that your household income is low.

NetDivorce will guide you through the waiver application process.  We are very good at the fee waiver application.

Click here to see what California considers low income for your family’s size.

We're Not Kidding - This Really Is the Cheapest Divorce in California

That’s it! You can stop looking for hidden fees. There are none. If your spouse does not contest or fight the case, $129 (plus the court filing fee if you have to pay it) is it! Again, this is cheap divorce in California!

There are no ups or extras.

The NetDivorce fee is NOT per person and it’s NOT the first of multiple installments. It’s the whole fee per case. You cannot pay us any more for anything!!  Don’t even ask!

The NetDivorce fee is NOT a monthly subscription like the fee at,, and

They will hit your credit card every month until you cancel.  And they won’t allow you to cancel online.  You have to call them and cancel by phone. Read their Better Business Bureau complaints. They keep you on hold for hours waiting for the only person who can cancel your credit card subscription.  You can NEVER cancel!

There is no tricky pricing at NetDivorce. Just cheap divorce in California.

And the court filing fee can be waived if you have a low income!

We recommend that you tell your friends that you got an affordable or low-cost divorce, but let’s face it.  Between you and us, this is a downright cheap divorce!  And there’s nothing wrong with scoring the cheapest divorce in California!!


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