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Be Careful When You Hire An Online Divorce Company

Be Careful When You Hire An Online Divorce Company
December 12, 2016 Peter O'Hanlon

Be Careful When You Hire An Online Divorce Company.

“Well, thank you, Ed.  This is a pleasant surprise as I actually wasn’t expecting any help from a real person. LOL!  I’ll get some answers to your questions later this evening.”  This is an email from an actual NetDivorce client, received by us on November 21, 2016. We get an email like it once or twice a month.

Our senior case worker, Ed West (31+ years of experience in California divorce) had only done his normal proofreading job on a new client’s downloaded first batch of docs to be filed at court.

Ed knows what problems to look for when he proofreads and how to resolve those problems before the case is filed. In this particular case, there were 4 or 5 problems of different levels of importance. Catching and correcting errors, or even minor mistakes, before the case is filed builds a sound foundation for the case to move forward and greatly reduces the chances of judicial rejection or other problems from the court clerk’s office later in the case.

In this case, Ed identified the problems, explained them in non-legal jargon and suggested solutions to each problem for the client to consider and decide upon.

We call our proofreading service Dok-Chek.  Dok-Chek is included automatically with every NetDivorce account. It costs you nothing over our flat fee of $129, just like all of our other client support systems.

Nationwide Big Divorce Corporations cannot match our level of personalized service because they are nationwide Big Divorce Corporations. NetDivorce is a small 3-person (1 IT guy and 2 case workers) firm that handles nothing but uncontested California divorce.  With the nationwide Big Divorce Corporations, you either pay extra for their “managed” service, which is up-sold to you after they’ve got your first money (some of them call it “expedited” service), or you wait for days for someone to contact you or you get tired of waiting for them to call you and just push ahead on your own, which is pretty much where you are.

NetDivorce’s ONLY level of service is the “managed” or “expedited” service. The reason Big Divorce Corporations cannot match our level of personalized service is that all divorces are local. Your divorce case will be filed in your local court under your local court’s rules of court and under the local laws of your state and the local policies and practices of your local court and judges.  How is a Big Divorce Corporation in Seattle, Phoenix or India going to know, and keep up with, your local divorce in your local county? That’s why they run and hide as soon as they’ve got your money.

NetDivorce has handled ONLY California divorce for 35 years (from 1981 to 1999, we were California Legal Assistance Centers with offices in Riverside and Sacramento). Unlike nationwide Big Divorce Corporations, NetDivorce doesn’t pretend to know the laws, rules, practices or policies of every one of the 3000+ counties in the United States. We do know the local laws, rules, practices and policies of the 58 counties of California, and we openly admit that it is difficult to keep up with those 58 counties. No company can handle divorce nationwide in any kind of efficient or knowledgeable manner. You should understand that before making an online divorce hiring decision.

Be careful.  Online divorce is convenient and it has become extremely popular.  But it is completely unregulated. The quality of service you receive will be directly related to the level of integrity of the ownership and management of the company that you hire. And the industry is full of frauds and con-men.

Be Careful When You Hire An Online Divorce Company

This is Jason McClaim of and selling one of his many online pyramid get-rich-quick schemes.

As a prime example, though certainly not the only one, Jason McClain is the owner/operator of both and Read our full expose of him, but also see the standard of his other business activities here.  He is an online pyramid scheme salesman whose partner in the pyramid scheme business is a convicted conman. This indicates the standard of integrity his online divorce companies is likely to bring to your divorce case.

NetDivorce is the founding member of the Online Divorce Association of America, which is attempting right now, with very little success to date, to introduce a Code of Ethics to the online divorce industry.  Please see that Code of Ethics. Since we created the Online Divorce Association of America, not one single online divorce company out of the approximate 60 large regional and nationwide Big Divorce Corporations have joined. And it would cost them nothing to join except a pledge to adopt a very basic Code of Ethics.

You need to ask yourself why no nationwide Big Divorce Corporation will agree to a simple and basic Code of Ethics.  Be careful when you hire an online divorce company. If you are looking for an uncontested California divorce, it may be a good idea to hire a company that wrote the industry’s first Code of Ethics.

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