Don't Get Tricked Into Hiring ANY Online Divorce Provider by California Online Divorce Signup Fraud

The State of California has created a very data-intensive divorce procedure. Most people are surprised by the amount of mandatory personal information that must be included in a California divorce – even a simple uncontested divorce.

If you hire NetDivorce, you get immediate access to our online interview, which is how we gather all of the necessary data from you.

Our interview can be completed in as little as 30 minutes (no kids, no property or debt, good typing skills).  But it can also take 60-120 minutes (one or more minor children, many items of property/debt, 2-finger typing.). The average person with the average divorce case completes the NetDivorce interview in 45-60 minutes.

You should not rush.  It is very important to get your case done correctly right from the beginning, and we definitely help you with that. Many clients complete the interview in one sitting, but the average client completes in 2 or 3 sessions across a couple of days.

NetDivorce openly discloses the extent of our interview to you upfront. You can see what our online interview looks like in the demo video here.

Regrettably, our competitors are not so honest or transparent. Most of our competitors now divide their online interview into 2 parts. That’s to trick you into hiring them. And it’s a very effective piece of online divorce signup fraud.

You see one very small part of their interview before you pay them and the other 95% after you’ve paid. Why? Because they want you to think that the first part, containing a few simple questions, is the whole interview so that you will pay them while you are thinking their system is so easy and fast. That’s California online divorce signup fraud.

Our competitors can’t compete with NetDivorce on our industry-low $129 fee with no ups or extras, our 40+ years of experience or our extensive knowledge of California divorce.

So they have to trick you into hiring them by making you think that their interview is somehow shorter or easier. It isn’t. They have to gather the exact same data we do.

So what they do is ask you to “qualify” for their service. Let us tell you something.  If you are alive, married and you have $139 on a credit card, you qualify to use their service.

So then before you pay them, they show you maybe 8 or 10 very easy questions – names, what county you live in, whether there are minor children, whether there are any retirement plans, your email (so that if you don’t pay, they spam you forever), whether your spouse is military, etc. Most people can answer all of these questions in 10 or 12 minutes.  Most are “yes” or “no” answers.

When you’ve completed those few easy questions, they congratulate you and  tell you that you are “qualified” to use their service.

They hit you up for payment while you’re thinking that everything looks easy – “This is great! Those jerks at NetDivorce said it would take over an hour. These guys are much better and easier.”

Then as soon as you’ve paid, they hit you with the other 95% of their interview, namely all the difficult stuff. 

So, if you have extra money that you can’t figure how to spend, by all means, hire one of our tricky competitors.

The 3 biggest California online divorce signup frauds are completecase dot com (at $300 plus their undisclosed monthly fee), (onlinedivorce dot com at $139 PLUS 5 months X $40 monthly “storage” fee = $339) and mydivorcepapers dot com (at $274 – that’s their “complete” fee of $159 PLUS their “expedite” fee of $115 so that you don’t have to wait 12-14 days to get your papers after completing their interview – in other words, $274 gets you the immediate downloads NetDivorce provides at $129 flat).

Some people just get a warmer feeling from overpaying. If it costs a lot, it must be good. If that works for you, no worries.

Our point here is simply that you should make your own decision, knowing all the facts, and not get tricked into hiring someone based on a cheap California online divorce signup fraud.

Just keep in mind that you will ALWAYS qualify to use their service.  And the first few questions they show you to “qualify” you and make you think how easy this all is will be the easiest questions. And they will always contain your email address because, of course, that somehow qualifies you to use their service. 


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