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California divorce online


NetDivorce is a California divorce online forms preparation service.

NetDivorce prepares all of your California state and county divorce papers, including your Marital Settlement Agreement, in an uncontested divorce.

NetDivorce handles only uncontested California divorce online – where your spouse does not contest or fight the case.

NetDivorce provides unlimited client support in your uncontested California divorce.

NetDivorce provides you fully completed divorce papers.  They are downloaded automatically and immediately to your Internet-connected device in the popular Adobe pdf format.  Your completed divorce papers will be ready to print, sign and file at your local court.

NetDivorce is not a law firm and provides no legal advice.

NetDivorce is an efficient, experienced and inexpensive alternative to a California divorce lawyer. However, NetDivorce is not a substitute for a California divorce lawyer.

A California divorce lawyer should be used when there are issues that require legal advice or where the spouses are in dispute over one or more issues of their divorce case (including the divorce itself) and cannot reach agreement even if doing so would save them thousands of dollars.

NetDivorce should be used when there are no issues that require legal advice and you and your spouse are able to make your own mutual decisions regarding any children of the marriage, child custody, visitation or parenting, child support, division of property and debt, spousal support and any other issues of your divorce case (including the divorce itself).

The purpose and mission of NetDivorce is to provide you, the California divorce consumer, with a cost-effective, convenient, high-quality online divorce service in an uncontested divorce case.

California divorce online

California Divorce Online for $129

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