California Divorce Cost

Don't Be Fooled - Check the Final California Divorce Cost BEFORE You Buy

Since mid-2018, almost all of the so-called “discount” California online divorce providers have had hidden fees as part of their California divorce cost.

Their website top pages and price pages claim that their $139 or $169 fees are “complete fees.” But hidden in their Terms of Use, where they know you will not look, is a statement that the $139 or $169 fee is only for the first 30 days. 

They will hit your credit card every month after the first 30 days for monthly “storage” fees of $38-40. They charge you every month (even beyond 6 months) until you cancel.

It is also clear from reading the Better Business Bureau complaints of the biggest online divorce scam website, online divorce dot com, which is located in Ukraine, that when you call them to cancel their service, they will just put you on hold. You just sit on hold until you hang up. You have to cancel through your credit card issuer.

They get away with this because most of the $139 and $169 online divorce websites are outside the U.S – in India, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Mexico. They are beyond the reach of your local District Attorney or small claims court. 

 And the FBI sure doesn’t care. This is interstate commerce fraud.  So on January 30 2015, NetDivorce filed Complaint ID: I1501301241468482 with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.  We received an acknowledgement of the complaint, but never heard anything back from them. The FBI is not interested in protecting the interests of online divorce consumers.

The scam websites will also slow down your case so that they will get paid for more months.  Look at their Better Business Bureau complaints.  Many of their clients state that one critical legal document was always left out of every batch of legal docs so that the case was always rejected at court and slowed down so that these conmen get paid for more months.

Our table below won’t look too good on mobile, but this is critical info.  Turn your phone sideways. YOU are the target of these conmen.

BTW, you will not find any table of California divorce costs like this one  anywhere else online.

The Table Below Shows the Claimed and Final California Divorce Cost of Many Major Online Divorce Price Scammers

Claimed Fee
Hidden Fees
Total Fee
PLUS Any Additional Up-Sells
Comments$129$0$129None$139$40 monthly “storage” fee$339
$139 + (5 months X $40) = $339
$269 “Premium” fee; $25 “shipping” fee(??)Located in Ukraine; 193 BBB complaints; labelled by BBB as “misleading advertisers”; Trustpilot threw them off for “fake reviews” see$139$38 monthly “storage” fee$329
$139 + ( 5 months X $38) = $329
$90 “expedite” fee; $30 “shipping” fee(??)Located in India; 110 BBB complaints; F rating at BBB$139$40 monthly “storage” fee$339
$139 + (5 months X $40) = $339
$169 “expedite” fee; $20 to watch videos (even if you don’t watch); $25 “shipping” fee45 BBB complaints; F rating at BBB; runs its own bogus testimonial service at$139$25 monthly “storage” fee after first 45 days$251.50
$139 + (4.5 months X $25)=$251.50
Located in Mexico$139$40 monthly “storage” fee$339
$139 + (5 months X $40) = $339
F rating at BBB


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