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California divorce


NetDivorce is an online California divorce papers preparation service.

NetDivorce service is offered only to Petitioners (the spouse/partner who begins and pursues the divorce case).

NetDivorce only prepares California divorce papers in uncontested California divorce in which the other spouse/partner will not contest or fight the case.

To use NetDivorce, you and your spouse/partner do NOT have to be in agreement on all issues of the divorce (including the divorce itself).  However, to use NetDivorce, your spouse/partner cannot contest or fight the case for any reason.

If your spouse/partner contests the case, NetDivorce is automatically knocked off the case.

While you and your spouse/partner do NOT have to be in agreement on all issues of the divorce (including the divorce itself) to use NetDivorce, being in agreement will greatly improve your chances of getting the court orders you request from the court.

If you and your spouse can make your own decisions and reach agreement (and if necessary, re-reach agreement should disputes arise) on all of the issues of your divorce (including the divorce itself), you will almost certainly get exactly what you request from the court through NetDivorce.

However, if you cannot make your own decisions and reach agreement, please understand that the court will make your decisions for you – particularly in relation to any minor children of the marriage.  Your results will be MUCH better if you are able to agree.

NetDivorce handles divorce from beginning to end only. NetDivorce does not prepare California divorce papers in divorce cases that have already been filed or have been handled by someone else.

NetDivorce does not handle annulments or legal separations. NetDivorce recommends that you consult an attorney before proceeding with an annulment or legal separation.

NetDivorce handles divorce (dissolution of marriage) in opposite-sex or same-sex marriage as well as domestic partnerships registered in California or anywhere else.

Turbotax for California divorce

NetDivorce is Like TurboTax for California Divorce

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