Best Online Divorce Service in California

NetDivorce is the best online divorce service in California. 

But don’t take our word for it. See what others have to say about us.

Additionally, we provide below 12 reasons why we say we’re the best online divorce service in California.  Our clients agree.

You can read those 12 reasons below. They’re all good, but 2 of them stand out:  (1) Our flat $129 fee is the total fee. (2) For that fee, you get EVERYTHING you will need to file and complete an uncontested divorce in California.

 Unlike many other online divorce fees on the web (all of the $139’s and all of the $169’s), our fee is not a monthly fee. It’s the complete fee. The $139’s and $169’s will hit your credit card every month until you cancel.  

And unlike with Hello Divorce, our $129 is not a teaser fee where you get to use our software but CANNOT get any client support. For Hello Divorce’s teaser fee of $99, you get zero client support. They will talk to you for 15 minutes only before you pay the $99. That 15 minutes is not to discuss your case. It’s for them to try to bump you up to their $1100, $2500, $3000 or $4500 plans.  

If you insist on paying the $99 teaser fee, Hello Divorce will not answer any further questions. And you will have questions. California divorce is very confusing. All divorce consumers have questions.

NetDivorce’s $129 covers unlimited client support. You can ask all of the questions you can think of.  If you have questions at Hello Divorce, you have to move up at least to the $1100 plan. There are no other options.

With NetDivorce, you know your total cost upfront! There are no ups or extras ever! You cannot pay us more.  Don’t even ask!

And our $129 includes everything you will need.  It is not a teaser fee.

This is the best online divorce service in California.  No confusing price menus.  No expensive installments. No hidden add-ons. No tricks. NO UP-SELLING! No BS! Just low-cost online divorce in California

12 Reasons To Use NetDivorce

Flat $129 Fee

Unlike other California online divorce fees on the web, our flat $129 fee is not a monthly fee. It’s the complete fee. You know your total cost up front! There are no ups or extras ever! This is not only cheap online divorce in California. It’s the best online divorce service in California  No confusing price menus.  No expensive installments. No hidden add-ons. No tricks. NO UP-SELLING! No BS! Just the best online divorce service in California.

40+ Years Experience

We specialize in California online divorce. It’s ALL we do.  Between 1981 and 1999, we were California Legal Assistance Centers with offices in Riverside and Sacramento.

Same people.  Now online only.

We used to be the best divorce service in California. Now, we’re the best online divorce service in California

No Fraud!

We don’t trick you. Online divorce is a completely unregulated industry.  It’s a swamp and YOU, the California divorce consumer, are the target of a lot of fraud and trickery.

Client testimonial fraud.  Fake reviews fraud. Sign-up trickery. Hidden fees.

None of that happens to you if you hire NetDivorce, the best online divorce service in California.

Complete Case

ALL forms are included – BOTH state and local county divorce forms.  All 58 California counties have local forms. Only one of our main competitors even bothers with local county divorce papers! You would have to complete those forms by hand while standing in line at the court – unless you use NetDivorce, the best online divorce service in California.

Immediate Downloads

No email or snail-mail delivery delays. From the time you click the Download My Forms button, it takes 3-6 seconds for your divorce papers to be downloaded to your device in pdf format, depending on your connection speed.   Those are COMPLETED forms, ready to be printed, signed and filed (or e-filed at courts where that is available).

We don’t recommend speed, but if you need it, this is fast online divorce in California.

Unlimited Free Corrections

If you notice you’ve made any mistakes in your downloaded docs, you can correct them immediately, before the case is filed, and without any cost or hassle. And you can do that an unlimited number of times before the case is filed.

After the case is filed, MOST data can still be changed, but some changes will require filing a First Amended Petition. There is no additional cost. 

Marital Settlement Agreement

The MSA covers all the issues in your case. The judge signs off on it and it becomes your divorce judgment.  

You don’t absolutely need an MSA if there is nothing involved in your case, but it’s a real good idea. INCREDIBLY, our main competitor doesn’t even offer an MSA!!

NetDivorce provides you cheap divorce, but it is also complete divorce and the best divorce service in California.

Low Income - No Problem

If you have low income, our $129 fee INCLUDES the Request to Waive the Court Filing Fee (on most counties, the filing fee is $435).  Your Request To Waive the Filing Fee can be based on low income, receipt of certain types of public assistance like CalWorks, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal or SSI or if your income is not enough to pay for the “common necessities” of life as well as the court fee. 

Yes, this is cheap online divorce on California, but it is also complete divorce.

Detailed Written Instructions

You will always know what’s going on in your case.

NetDivorce provides detailed written instructions, customized to your case, at every step.  There are also Monday morning email updates.  You will always know what’s happened, what’s next and when. NetDivorce makes it as easy as possible for you to get a divorce in California.

We Don't Bite

Unlimited friendly client support from Peter or Ed via phone, email or live chat Monday-Friday 7 AM – 7 PM.  Peter has 40+ years of experience  in California divorce. Ed has 35+ years of experience in California divorce and has prepared over 25,000 Marital Settlement Agreements.

This is not only cheap divorce and the best online divorce service in California, but it is also divorce done by experts.

Same Sex Divorce Friendly

NetDivorce handles same-sex divorce, opposite-sex or same-sex dissolutions of domestic partnerships as well as traditional opposite-sex divorce.

Our flat fee of $129 covers everything. That’s why this is the best divorce service in California.

100% Guaranteed

Your divorce papers are guaranteed to be accepted for filing at your local court or your money back!  

We’ve never paid out on that guarantee and it is likely we will never have to do so, but it’s good to know you are covered.  Read our guarantee.

Your Expectations Will Be Exceeded. We Insist On It!

Nerissa T.
Nerissa T.NetDivorce Client
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"They exceeded my expectations. I only expected to have the paperwork and the steps that were provided on the website but I received personalized assistance that was really helpful to me in completing the process. They answered my questions and anticipated questions proactively. Information was really clear and easy to understand. They are very reasonable and in fact I think it’s under priced based on the services. I recommended them to the court at the clerk because she was really impressed with how organized all of my paperwork was. She asked which service I used to recommend to others that try to complete paperwork themselves." 


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