Best Online Divorce in Bakersfield

How To Get the Best Online Divorce in Bakersfield

What do you need to know to enable you to get the best online divorce in Bakersfield?

Do You Have an Uncontested Divorce in Bakersfield?

Uncontested simply means that neither you nor your spouse/partner is going to fight the divorce for any reason. You may not be happy.  You may not like each other, but neither of you will fight the case on any issue.  If that is not true, don’t use online divorce in your Bakersfield divorce. If you try to use online divorce in a contested or disputed case, you will quickly run into problems that will be expensive to resolve. Online divorce is not set up to handle contested issues in a divorce.

Additionally, even if your case is technically uncontested, don’t use online divorce if:

  • you have complex issues such as unresolved tax issues, the division of an active business or there is a special needs child that may need lifetime support; these are examples only; this is not an exhaustive list of complex issues; there are many more examples of complex issues in a divorce;
  • you have a very high marital estate net value; if you are very wealthy (probably in excess of a $5M net marital estate – but maybe less), don’t use online divorce; You will have additional financial issues that require protection not available in an online divorce scenario;
  • there is domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence.

All of these situations require full representation by a local lawyer.

Only use online divorce if your case is uncontested and you have none of the other factors listed above.

Online Divorce Makes Sense in an Uncontested Divorce in Bakersfield

Divorce is never fun, but if you’re fortunate enough to have an uncontested divorce in Bakersfield, online divorce is definitely the way to go. Uncontested California divorce can now be dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively online. Further, as more California Superior Courts set up compulsory divorce e-filing, California divorce will become much more cloud-based and even easier for you, the Bakersfield divorce consumer.Best Online Divorce in Bakersfield

In fact, the California uncontested divorce procedure is absolutely ideal for online divorce applications. According to a recent Insider Monkey study, California has the second most challenging divorce procedure in the whole country. Only Vermont is more difficult.

The reason for that difficulty level is that the California divorce process has become very heavy on both data and documentation. In the early 80’s, even if you had minor children you could get divorced on less than a total of 40 sheets of paper. Today, if you have minor children you can easily surpass 200 pages of various Federal, state and local county divorce docs.

Powerful online divorce apps now deal with the substantial and recurring data manipulation involved in California divorce, and they crunch the numerous layers of complex brain-numbing logic needed to complete all those documents accurately and properly. In an uncontested divorce in Bakersfield, online divorce makes sense.

Use a California Online Divorce Specialist

The next factor to consider is that the California divorce process is specific to California. Divorce is a state-based legal procedure. There are 51 separate divorce law and procedural systems in the United States, including that of Washington DC.

All are different, but California divorce differs more from all other states’ divorce procedures because it has two complete and separate available divorce procedures – Summary Dissolution and Regular Dissolution. You use the specific procedure that applies to the underlying facts of your case.

Best Uncontested Divorce in BakersfieldCalifornia divorce is also now heavily into disclosure by each party to the other of huge amounts of information concerning earnings, deductions, expenses, employment, property, debt and even business opportunities that have become available to each party.

In addition, California divorce has a long tradition of differing guidelines and procedures applying in each county. Local Superior Courts, sometimes even local individual Superior Court judges, enforce their own additional legal and procedural requirements onto your case. Local knowledge is important to the successful conclusion of your Bakersfield uncontested divorce.

Because California divorce is so unique, difficult and varied from one county to the next, you want and need to hire somebody who specializes in California divorce and nothing but California divorce.

Nationwide online divorce mills who claim to be  specialists in dealing with divorce in all 3000+ counties in the United States (and all provinces of Canada) are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. They will only have superficial understanding of California law and procedure and no knowledge at all of your local Superior Court’s practices and rules of court.

Many of these big nationwide online divorce mills are located in Delaware (at least, that’s where they have a registered company) or or in India or Dubai. They are not going to be either knowledgeable or concerned about the various local legal and procedural requirements in your California divorce.

Those online divorce mills will not even prepare your local county Superior Court divorce docs.  In almost all California divorces, there will be some local county forms.  These will not be prepared by nationwide online divorce mills. So you will try to file your case at your local Superior Court and the friendly filing clerk will throw the local docs at you to be completed by you as you stand in line. Not good.

So get an online divorce in an uncontested divorce, and keep it local. The last factor to consider will be the decisive one – cost.

How Much Do You Want To Pay for Your Best Online Divorce in Bakersfield?

Yes, it is that simple.

Do you want to pay a little bit more to have a licensed California divorce attorney on your team or, if you are positive that your case is uncontested and will remain so, would you prefer to keep your costs rock bottom – but still have your case prepared online by California divorce experts with 37+ years of experience in handling uncontested California divorce?

FeatureNetDivorceOnline Divorce Lawyer
California Licensed LawyerNoYes
Fee$129 - no ups or extrasVaries by Lawyer, but often in the $400-$700 range
Uses the Same Wicked-Cool Online Divorce SoftwareYesYes
California Divorce OnlyYesYes
Experience37+ YearsVaries by Lawyer
Can Provide Legal Advice and Case StrategyNoYes
You Have a Lawyer on Your Team in Case Things Blow Up or Go Wrong or Additional Services are NeededNoYes

If you determine that you would not mind paying a bit more for a licensed California divorce lawyer to review your case; to provide you legal recommendations, should that end up being needed during the case; and to have the insurance policy of an attorney who knows your case standing by in case things blow up– which they occasionally do, then your clear path is to Online Divorce Lawyer.  Many Online Divorce Lawyers offer what are called unbundled services, where they will review your documents at each stage and provide advice, guidance and strategy, but you will do the filing of docs at your Superior Court and handle the service of docs on your spouse under the guidance of the lawyer.  In other words, you are using the Online Divorce Lawyer ONLY where you need her. It is a very cost effective method of getting the best online divorce in Bakersfield.

Online Divorce Lawyer is like Uber for California divorce. You make the Bakersfield divorce attorney fit your divorce. You do not make your divorce fit the Bakersfield divorce attorney. You use the Online Divorce Lawyer only where s/he is needed and you pay only for the legal services you need.


To summarize exactly what you need to know:

1. If your Bakersfield divorce case is uncontested, do it online. Apps will crunch the substantial amounts of data and automate the procedure of preparing the complex docs. E-filing is coming. It’s all good. It keeps your costs down.

2. Hire someone who concentrates on California divorce only. Do not go for the false economy of the nationwide online divorce mill.  It would be like the blind leading the blind.

3. Determine whether the absolute lowest possible cost (NetDivorce) or having a lawyer on your team at a slightly higher cost (Online Divorce Lawyer) is the most crucial to you.

Thanks for reading and I trust this will have helped you along the correct path for you in getting the best online divorce in Bakersfield.


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