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They are prompt, efficient, cost effective

They are prompt, efficient, cost effective
January 23, 2018 Peter O'Hanlon

My expectations were exceeded. This is an excellent service and deserves to be lauded. They are very thorough, and at first what seems like over-information/direction is actually vital due to the immense complexity of the divorce process. Most of the actions were self-driven and therefore available on demand immediately when needed. When I did have questions, they responded almost instantly via email or chat. My friend who went through the same process with them gave them a high recommendation, I didn’t even explore other offers because I trusted his judgment. They are prompt, efficient, cost effective (in fact the service is so good for the cost I’m not sure how they turn a profit), courteous, and seem genuinely invested in your success. It made the overwhelming legal process of divorce manageable, and at your own pace. Easily a 5, one of the better services I have ever used.

– David C.

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