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I am a very satisfied customer and rate NetDivorce 5 stars. I highly recommend their services to anyone!

I am a very satisfied customer and rate NetDivorce 5 stars. I highly recommend their services to anyone!
April 19, 2018 Peter O'Hanlon


After 10 years of separation from my spouse, I finally figured it was time to finalize my marital status as single. I started the divorce process numerous times but was always overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, time and effort required to complete the reams of forms and file the documents correctly. After researching many other service providers and reading what seemed liked hundreds of reviews, I decided to use NetDivorce. I am happy to report this was one of the best decisions I ever made! The online interview process which transferred my answers to the correct forms was very straight forward and easy to understand. Each “batch” of forms required to be filed with the court are reviewed by the NetDivorce staff to ensure they are complete and ready to be submitted – avoiding unnecessary delays due to procedural errors. When it came time to actually file the papers with the court, the detailed instructions on how to print and submit the forms was invaluable.

I did have direct contact with the Ed West who assisted me with questions I had regarding the Marital Separation Agreement. He was professional and answered my inquiries completely and in a timely manner. I just received the final judgment in my CA divorce case and could not be happier with the service that NetDivorce provided. The complex process was explained step-by-step and the online forms were easy to complete. Don’t get me wrong…filing for a divorce is a tedious and time consuming process but NetDivorce helped navigate this process by providing detailed instructions and great customer support. If you have an uncontested divorce, willing to put forth the effort by completing the online interview used to fill out the proper legal documents and can follow detailed instructions, I highly recommend NetDivorce! I am a very satisfied customer!

– Robyn C.  3/28/2018

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