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Beyond amazing; Worth so much more than $129

Beyond amazing; Worth so much more than $129
July 27, 2017 Peter O'Hanlon

This period of time is very difficult and the divorce process is complicated, yet Ed has been there constantly. The website was very easy to navigate. I was able to do the entire interview (documenting everything for the first batch of paperwork that gets submitted to the courts) in one day (very draining emotionally though). Any questions I had Ed quickly and fully answered. The first batch paperwork was easy to understand and all the pitfalls people could make were documented such that I didn’t make the same ones. Filed my case & moved on to the second batch which was delivered to my ex. Of course, my ex then changed what he was going to agree to and we had to make some major changes. Ed was very polite, and made the updates for us once again. I’m now waiting on my ex once again, but that has nothing to do with Ed & netdivorce (as I always get responses from Ed within 24 hours – including on the weekends). I will be sure to document how the third batch goes once my ex does his part.

On a side note, my sister is going through a nasty divorce and is paying a fortune for her lawyer. When she sees the timely and thorough responses from Ed time & time again, her & my mom just comment about what an amazing deal I am getting and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you! – Jen J  7/17/2017

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