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Complete the Online Interview

Complete our secure online divorce interview from the comfort of your home or office. Typical time is 30-60 minutes, depending on what’s involved in your case.

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Immediate Download of Divorce Papers

As soon as you have completed your online interview, NetDivorce automatically prepares your fully completed state AND local county divorce papers for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.

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Print and Sign Your Divorce Papers

Print your completed state and county divorce papers on your home or office printer, the printer of a friend or relative or print at the public library, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

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File At Your Local Court or e-File

File your divorce papers at your local Superior Court (e-filing at courts where it is available) and easily complete your uncontested divorce using your customized NetDivorce instructions.

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If you’ve made the difficult personal decision to terminate your marriage or domestic partnership in California, watch NetDivorce’s pledge to you, the California divorce consumer, in the following video:


Hi Ed,
Awesome! Thanks so much for your assistance. When I mentioned your website to [my spouse], we were both skeptical about your service. Now… all that has disappeared. Your website is well done and easy for the everyday person to understand. I should know, I develop web products.

This is the only testimonial on our site not certified by Business Consumer Alliance, Yelp or Google.  It’s basically just an email from our client, Darrell, after he had received our first batch proofreading email.  And it whacked us upside the head on something we’d basically forgotten about.

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NetDivorce’s COMPLETE fee is $129. You cannot pay us more. This is a simple no-BS concept.  California consumers expect to be told about all fees up-front with nothing hidden.

Our California online divorce competitors cannot match NetDivorce’s fee. So they cheat.  And you are the target of their price fraud. They claim that their fee is $139 so that you will think that their fee is almost the same as NetDivorce’s $129. It’s not.

All of our competitors with fees of $139 (plus a few more with higher fees) charge MONTHLY fees.  That’s despite the fact that they claim, “One Time Payment” and “No Hidden Fees.” Don’t take our word. Here’s the proof of their claims from one of these websites. They are all similar.

But you have to LOOK AT THEIR TERMS OF USE. They know you are not likely to do that. Most people don’t look at terms of use. But when you sign up and pay these scam websites, you agree to their terms of use. And that’s how they can claim that their monthly fees are not hidden fees. 

Again, don’t take our word. Here is that section of their terms of use.  BTW, these terms are similar on all of these scam websites.  

They will hit your credit card every month AND EVERY YEAR until you cancel.

This example happens to be our competitor in Ukraine, but Indian-based competitors do the same thing.

Some of the competitors we know who engage in this price trickery are,,,, and There may be more.

In a California divorce, you will normally need 6 months of service. The average monthly fee these sites charge is about $40.  So that means your fee will be $339, NOT $139. That’s $139 PLUS (5 months X $40) = $339.

Also,  imagine how fast these companies will work on your case if they get paid every month.

So they will hit your credit card monthly, but also annually.  You must cancel both subscriptions you’ve agreed to. And you can only cancel the subscription by phone where they keep you waiting on hold for hours and then disconnect you.  You are the target of these conmen. Stay away!!


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Please be aware that NetDivorce does not come into divorce cases that have ALREADY been filed at court. Such cases almost always have problems built into them. That is why divorce consumers frequently bring their existing cases to NetDivorce. And that’s also why NetDivorce must decline such cases.

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Online Divorce Payment Options

How long does it take to get a divorce in California?

California Family Code 2339 requires that a divorce cannot be finalized until a minimum of 6 months have passed after the respondent has been served or has filed an appearance. There are no exceptions to this. You may hear about people getting their divorce judgments signed or 'entered' in 2 or 3 months. That is common. Depending on which county you live in, you may get your divorce judgment signed in as little as about 7 weeks or as long as 5+ months. However, that divorce judgment cannot terminate your marriage for a minimum of 6 months.

Will I have to go to a court hearing to get my uncontested divorce in California?

Almost certainly not. Hearings are expensive and time-consuming for courts. They try to avoid them. However, the final decision on a hearing, even in an uncontested divorce, is always the judge's, and judges have different views on hearings. Some require a hearing in certain cases (such as long-term marriages without any provision for spousal support) and some judges don't ever require a hearing.

Will I need a lawyer to get my California divorce?

That must depend on the facts of your case. If you have a contested case, a very large marital estate, a very complex case (trusts, active businesses, tax problems, etc.) or a case that involves domestic violence, you really should use a certified family law specialist attorney. You will be glad you did. However, if your case is relatively simple and uncontested, you can hire an experienced online divorce provider to prepare all of your paperwork and guide you through the process.

What is the biggest scam in online divorce?

Hidden monthly fees. Many online divorce websites, including all of those who claim that $139, $149, $159 or $169 are their total fees, also charge monthly fees. Those monthly fees are usually $35-$40. On the top pages of their sites, they claim that $139 is a 'complete fee' or a 'one-time payment.' But they disclose the monthly fees in their Terms of Use where they know you won't look. So you will pay $139 + (6 months X $40) = $379, NOT $139. They hit your credit card every month until you cancel. And they slow your case down on purpose so that you will pay the monthly fees for even longer than 6 months.

I don't know where my spouse is. Can I still get a divorce in California?

Yes, but it is much more difficult and time-consuming. If your spouse cannot be served with papers in the normal manner, your Summons must be published in your local newspaper for 4 consecutive weeks before your 6 months waiting period begins. If you have low income, the Summons can be posted in the court lobby for those 4 weeks. Publication (or posting) can only be done with a judge's consent, which is very difficult to get. Judges always suspect that you really know where your spouse is. So you must prove to the judge that you have done everything reasonably possible to find your spouse. Again, the publication (or posting) is not an easy process.

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